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Guaranteeing Your Ride Home with Cincinnati Metro

February 8, 2017 / Cincinnati

In partnership with Cincinnati Metro, we’re providing free rides to participants of their Guaranteed Ride Home program for 30-day rolling pass riders. Whether you have to stay late at work, have an unexpected emergency, or miss your bus, you’ll always have a way to get home. Guaranteed Ride Home gives commuters numerous options for alternative transportation, but we want to make it even better.

Free rides from February 8th to March 8th for Metro riders who use Uber as a part of the Guaranteed Ride Home program.*

Want in on the action?

  1. Register for the Guaranteed Ride Home program
    • You must purchase a Metro 30-day rolling pass to qualify
    • A personalized ID card will be mailed to you as part of your enrollment, keep this on hand
  2. Use Uber when you need a Guaranteed Ride Home
  3. Mail your completed reimbursement form and Uber receipt to:
    • Guaranteed Ride Home
      602 Main Street, Suite 1100
      Cincinnati, OH 45202
  4. You’ll receive a payment from Metro covering 80% of the trip via mail and a refund of your Uber charge directly on your Uber account for the remaining 20%

*Rides will be reimbursed up to $45 on a single trip. The Cincinnati Metro Guaranteed Ride Home program allows up to four rides per year at $100 total. Other restrictions apply. More information on the Guaranteed Ride Home program can be found here.