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On-demand paratransit program, The RIDE Flex, with the MBTA

June 21, 2019 / Boston

After a 5 year on-demand pilot, Uber and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) have renewed their shared commitment to support The RIDE customers’ ability to easily move around their community.

On July 1, the MBTA’s RIDE pilot program will formally become The RIDE Flex program. Along with this name change, we’re making a few additional updates to the program.  

Here’s what you need to know

  • To continue receiving the subsidy, it’s critical that you re-enroll. Riders who do not re-enroll will lose their subsidy on July 1, 2021.
  • Upfront fares are changing. Beginning on July 1, eligible riders will pay $2 up front for any UberPool trip, and $3 up front for any UberX or Uber WAV trip. The MBTA will continue paying up to $40 per trip. You will be responsible for any amount remaining, including tip, above $43.
    • If you are already enrolled in the program, you’ll continue to pay $2 until July 1, 2021. There’s no penalty for re-enrolling early.
  • Eligible riders will be allocated 2, 10, 20, 30, or 40 trips per month. The MBTA will determine trip allocations based on typical RIDE usage. Returning customers, please note: your trip allocations will be assessed upon your signing up for the new program, and no allocations will be reduced—customers will receive either the same number of trips or an increased number. 
  • In addition to receiving the same Uber on-demand service you’re now familiar with, when you sign up for The RIDE Flex program, the MBTA will be able to schedule the trips you book through TRAC to be dispatched to Uber vehicles.

How ensure your Uber Profiles account remains active 

  1. Click on this link and fill out the form to re-enroll. Just a reminder, re-enrolling early will not mean you have to start paying $3 per trip immediately. You will continue to pay $2 per trip until July 1. 
  1. On July 1, look for an invitation from Uber for Business in your inbox. If you don’t see the invite and have checked your spam filter, please reach out to your program administrator. Once you’ve ensured that they have your correct email address, ask them to send the email again.
  1. Use the link in the email to accept your invitation to the MBTA paratransit program, RIDE Flex.
  2. Open the Uber app when you’re ready to ride. After you select a destination and ride option, toggle on your agency profile (above the Choose UberX button). 

Before taking your first trip, you’ll need to confirm a secondary payment method. You’ll then be able to take trips within the MBTA RIDE service area until you reach your allotted number of trips each month.

Once you accept the invitation to the RIDE Flex program sent by email from Uber for Business, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the program. If you have a smartphone, you’ll receive a notification that your RIDE Flex profile is ready. 

How to join The RIDE Flex program

  1. Download the Uber app
    If you don’t have Uber yet, download it to your iOS or Android device. Already have the Uber app? You’re all set.
  2. Request to join the pilot program
    In order to join the pilot, you must complete this form. When completing, be sure to include the email address that is connected to your Uber account and have your RIDE ID number handy.
  3. Request your ride
    Once your application has been processed, you will receive a welcome email from Uber with everything you need to know to get riding!

How it works

  1. Enter your destination. Open the app and enter your destination.
  2. Select. Underneath the Vehicle Type selector, tap on the default profile or payment method, and switch the toggle to “MBTA”.
  3. Request. Request a ride via the UberX option for a 4-door sedan, the UberPool option for a shared ride, or the WAV option for a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  4. Ride easy. You’ll pay the first $2 of UberPool trips and the first $3 of UberX and WAV trips, and the MBTA will cover the remainder of the fare, up to $40*. You will cover anything additional and will be shown the total amount you owe at time of request.

What to expect

Request your ride

Choose between the UberX, UberPool, and WAV options in the app. UberX offers riders a 4-door sedan. UberPool offers riders a low-cost, curb-to-curb shared ride in a 4-door vehicle, with up to three other people at a time. You may request an UberPool for two people, including yourself. When traveling with a service animal on UberPool, please select two seats.* WAV offers riders who travel with non-folding, motorized wheelchairs access to drivers with wheelchair accessible vehicles. Note that you can find the WAV option if you swipe to the “More” section of the Uber app.

You’re covered

The first $2 of UberPool trips and the first $3 of UberX and WAV trips will be charged to the payment method tied to the rider’s Uber account, and the MBTA will be covering up to an additional $40* of each fare. Anything over that amount will be automatically billed back to the rider’s payment method via the Uber app. Riders will be notified of the total amount you owe when you place your trip request.

When and where

All trips must occur between 5am and 1am in the designated service area. This area is the same as the service area for The RIDE.

Track rides

After you request a trip, you will be shown the number of trips remaining, including the current trip, on the request screen.

*Please note that in some cities you may be automatically charged an additional fee for selecting more than one seat. In the event you were charged for an additional seat for a service animal, please let Uber know and the additional fee will be refunded.


Please note that the MBTA reserves the right to limit or cancel this pilot program at anytime.
*The subsidized amount, number of subsidized rides, available Uber products and rider copays are determined by the MBTA. Changes to the program are at the discretion of the MBTA.