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Boston uberPOOL FAQs

August 12, 2015 / Boston

uberPool is an option that lets you share your ride and share the cost—with someone else nearby. We’ll match you with another rider taking a similar route and you’ll each pay only for your portion of the trip. That means you still get the convenience and reliability you’re used to with Uber, but at the lowest price possible.

How is uberPOOL different?

uberPool works like our other Uber options, with a few differences that help make it a cheaper option:

  • You need to enter your destination when you request the trip, that way we can try to match you with someone going along a similar route
  • You’ll receive a quoted fare before you request. That fare is guaranteed—whether you’re matched with another rider or not
  • Each rider can have only one destination and you can’t change your pickup location or destination after you request
  • Since we want to be courteous to both riders, your driver will only wait 2 minutes at each pickup location
  • You’ll be adding a few minutes to your ride—to save a lot
  • It’s our most affordable option, with prices up to 70% cheaper than a Boston TAXI

Once you’ve been matched with a co-rider, you’ll receive a notification with that rider’s name and who’s being picked up first. To ensure there’s room for everyone, right now we can only have two riders per pickup, and no pets (except service animals, of course). BACK TO TOP

How much will it cost?

The quoted fare you’re shown before you request is guaranteed whether you’re matched or not—no surprises! Your fare is dynamically calculated based on uberX rates and the likelihood of getting matched given the time of day and location of your request.  BACK TO TOP

Does surge pricing apply to uberPOOL?

Yes. uberPOOL fares are estimated in relation to uberX rates. When prices surge on uberX, prices also surge on uberPOOL. That said, uberPOOL will still always be cheaper than uberX since your likelihood of getting matched is taken into consideration when calculating your guaranteed uberPOOL fare. BACK TO TOP

What if I don’t match with another rider?

If there is no rider near you with a similar route, you’ll get a solo ride (just like taking uberX), but will still only pay the guaranteed fare quoted in the app before you requested. BACK TO TOP

Can I bring other people?

Feel free to bring a friend! Each uberPOOL request may have a maximum of 2 riders per pickup. BACK TO TOP

How is my co-rider chosen?

Co-riders are matched according to similar pickup locations and destinations. As always, we’re always aiming to take you on the most efficient route based on your request. Once you start your uberPOOL trip, you can’t ask the driver to cancel on the other rider. BACK TO TOP

What type of car will I get?

You’ll share one of the vehicles that’s otherwise available on uberX. BACK TO TOP

How long will it take? Will I go out of my way?

We match riders in a way that does not significantly increase your trip time, nor take you far out of the way. If you get matched with another person, expect that just a few minutes will be added to your total trip time. If there is no rider near you with a similar route, you’ll get a solo ride, just like taking uberX (but cheaper!). BACK TO TOP

How long will the driver wait?

Please be prepared to meet your driver as soon as the car arrives. As a courtesy to your co-rider, your driver will only wait 2 minutes. BACK TO TOP

I was picked up first—why was I dropped off second?

We map the route to be the most efficient possible. That means that sometimes you will be picked up first and dropped off second, but your total trip time will be minimized. BACK TO TOP

Can I bring luggage?

Yes, you can. Taking uberPOOL is one of the most cost-efficient ways to go to the airport. But remember there will need to be room for another person and their belongings in the car. BACK TO TOP

What happens if I cancel?

When you request uberPOOL, you’re making a commitment to both your co-rider and the driver. Cancellations damage both of their experiences, so please don’t leave them hanging! If you must cancel more than 2 minutes after requesting, you will be charged a no-show fee, as with uberX cancellations. BACK TO TOP

Can I change my destination or pickup location?

Because we use your pickup location and destination when matching you with another rider, you cannot change either once you’ve requested the trip. BACK TO TOP

How do I report issues?

Email us at BACK TO TOP