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  • 派送袋

    A delivery person using an insulated bag can make for a better recipient experience for food deliveries, but it isn’t required unless the delivery person is delivering in a location where it’s required by law. Deliveries by bicycle may benefit from a more specialised bag to protect food from movement and weather conditions

  • 餐厅派送偏好



Properly storing and transporting food

  • Transporting pizzas properly

    Restaurant partners requesting pizza deliveries ask you to make sure pizzas arrive undamaged by:

    • Transporting pizzas flat, never sideways
    • Placing pizzas either inside an insulated bag or securely on a car seat
    • Placing multiple boxes in the front zip of your bicycle bag
  • Delivering drinks securely

    Top partners keep drinks level and upright by:

    • Using an insulated bag
    • Placing drinks in a cup tray or cup holder
    • Securely placing drinks on a car seat

    If the packaging provided isn’t working, let restaurants know in the app.

  • Keeping orders flawless

    Top partners make sure consumers never receive an order which has been opened, damaged or has items missing.

    • Carefully check all items are included and are packaging correctly before leaving the restaurant
    • If any damage occurs during transit, let the recipient know when completing the delivery