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Teen account availability varies by city. Please read the frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page to learn more.

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Get to know teen accounts

Teen accounts give your teenager the freedom to request their own rides, all under your supervision. Plus, with live safety features and real-time updates, you can follow along from pick-up to drop-off. 

Together, we can help them go anywhere they need.

Requests at their fingertips

With the power to request a ride anytime, your teen will now have a way to find rides, go where they need to go and get home to you.

Highly rated drivers on every ride

Your teen will always be matched with highly rated and experienced drivers. In the states where Uber for teens is available, driver partners are required by law to obtain an accreditation before they are able to drive with the Uber app. This accreditation includes a background check and a Working with Children Checks or Working with Vulnerable People registration (depending on the state).

Live trip tracking

Whenever your teen requests a ride, you can follow their location directly in the app and get status updates with live trip tracking. Teen trips are destination-locked, meaning that driver-partners can’t change the destination of the trip—only your teen can.

Live trip tracking

With Share My Trip automatically turned on, you’ll receive notifications every time your teen requests a ride. Once they’re on a trip, you’ll be able to follow their location directly in the app with live trip tracking. You’ll also get status updates so you can check that your teen has gotten where they need to go. Additionally, teen trips are destination-locked, which means drivers cannot change the destination of the trip—only your teen can.

Always-on safety features

All the rideshare safety features you know and love, like PIN verification and RideCheck™, will always be automatically turned on and cannot be turned off. If your teen chooses to set it up, the Audio Recording* feature will also be automatically turned on for every trip if available in your city. They’ll always have access to our on-trip safety features, such as being able to call 000, contact Support or report an issue through the app.

*Note with iOS devices, the Uber app has to be open and running in the foreground for this feature.

Always-on safety

These safety features are always on

Verify My Ride
Before a teen gets in the car, they’ll have to give their driver a unique PIN. Drivers are unable to start a trip until they enter the correct code into the Driver app. This will help the teen make sure they get into the right car.


If their ride goes unusually off-course, stops unexpectedly or ends early, RideCheck™ will alert your teen and message them in the app to find out if they’re OK or need help.

This safety feature, if opted in to, is always on

Audio recording
Riders and/or drivers can record audio on their devices through the app. Recording will begin just before the trip starts. This feature helps encourage safe, comfortable interactions on trips. Teen riders can opt in to this feature to have audio recorded on every trip.

When a rider and/or driver uses this feature, the audio recording will be stored and encrypted on their phone so that no one – not even the person who initiated the recording – can access it. Uber can only access it if the user opens an incident report with our Support team and includes the audio file. Unless this happens, Uber cannot access any of the content.

Note for iOS devices the Uber app has to be open and running in the foreground for this feature.

Learn how audio recording works

In an emergency, you or your teen can use the in-app emergency button to contact 000.

After the trip, your teen can report a safety incident through the app either by selecting the trip in their trip history, tapping Help, then selecting Report safety issue.

How to add a teen account

Follow these 3 steps to get your teen’s account set up:

  1. Tap Account > Family and teens to create a Family profile.
  1. Tap Invite family > Teen > Choose contact and select their name from your contacts. (They must be at least 13 years old.)
  1. Make sure your payment information is up to date before your teen requests their first ride.

After that, your teen will receive an invite by text and will need to complete a mandatory safety onboarding. Once they’re done, they’ll be ready for their first ride.

Additional Resources

You can access a curated range of resources from the Australian government-funded parenting website, Raising Children, to support parents and teens with communications around safety and readiness to travel independently.

Legal Guardians:



Frequently asked questions

  • Teens will be able to take trips that start and end in any city where teen accounts are live.**

  • Teen accounts are live in the following cities:**

    • Adelaide
    • Canberra
    • Hobart

    Teen accounts will be rolled out in more locations soon. Not available in your city yet? Sign up on the waiting list so you can be notified when it becomes available.

  • Teens must use the default payment method attached to their guardian’s Family profile.

  • Guardians are not permitted to book trips on behalf of their teens. Teen account holders should use their own accounts to request trips for themselves directly to help ensure that they have access to additional safety features and benefits built into Uber for teens’ experience.

  • Yes. When a trip request comes from a teen account:

    • The teen is allowed to bring other riders with them, but those other riders must be 13 years old or older

    • Guest riders aged 13 to 17 must have permission from a parent or legal guardian

    • All teens have to sit in the back seat and should buckle up

  • The safety features for teen accounts on Uber are built into the experience and cannot be turned off, including live trip tracking, PIN verification, RideCheck and Uber’s safety line. In addition, RideCheck will be adjusted to be more sensitive during teen trips. If the app detects something may have gone wrong, like a possible crash or an unexpected long stop, the teen and driver will receive a message to ensure they’re ok.

    Audio Recording is the only feature that must be set up by teens. If your teen chooses to opt in to the Audio Recording feature, each of their trips will be automatically recorded (unless they later opt out by removing microphone permission for the app).

    Drivers may still choose to record trip audio. If they do, the same privacy standards will apply. If a driver has Audio Recording set up, the app will notify your teen while their driver is on the way to pick them up. If they want to, your teen can cancel the ride and request a different one.

  • While a teen is on a ride requested through a teen account, guardians will be able to contact their drivers directly through the app.

  • When a teen turns 18, their teen account will be converted to a standard account, meaning they’ll have access to more products in the app.

    Even after their account has converted, however, they’ll continue to be on your Family profile. And as long as they’re part of the family account, you’ll still be able to follow their ride in the app.

By creating a teen account with Uber, you attest that, as your teen’s guardian, you have the legal authority to act on your child’s behalf, that your child is between the ages of 13 and 17 and that you have conferred with any other parent or legal guardian of your teen. Use of Uber for teens is further governed by these specific Terms of Use.

In the event that you need to place an emergency call on behalf of your teen, the dispatcher you’re connected with will see your location, not your teen’s.

**Teen accounts will generally be eligible for trips within the broader metropolitan area for each city. Please check the app to confirm whether your teen will be able to take their planned trip.