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Vehicle inspections in NSW

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In New South Wales, all vehicles need to pass an annual e-Safety Check ‘pink slip’ inspection to drive with Uber.

Inspection requirements

What is required?

An e-Safety Check, or “pink slip”, vehicle inspection is a required document to drive using Uber in NSW. This applies to driver-partners who are signing up, and current driver-partners getting an annual re-inspection as per the below requirement.

  • Vehicles aged 5 years old or newer require a passed pink slip inspection before becoming active with UberX and require annual re-inspection.
  • Most vehicles aged greater than 5 years old do not require a pink slip inspection before becoming active with UberX, as they are already inspected annually during the registration renewal process. If your vehicle does require an inspection we will let you know.
Where do I get my vehicle inspected?

Uber has partnered with Redbook Inspect to make vehicle inspections easy for you! Get an inspection with Redbook and we’ll upload the inspection report for you, meaning less hassle. Simply book an appointment with Redbook Inspect using the link below.

This inspection charge applies to driver-partners who are signing up for the first time and who are getting an annual re-inspection. Please note that Redbook inspections require an upfront payment.

When should I get a vehicle inspection?

You must meet our eligibility requirements to sign up to drive. We recommend that before you go to get a vehicle inspection, check that:

  • You are 21 years of age and have a current unrestricted NSW driver licence (no 10-year licences accepted).
  • You have held a full valid Australian licence for at least 12 months in the last 2 years
  • You do not have any disqualifying offences on your driving record

Read more about eligibility requirements here.

How do I book?
Book a Redbook inspection ❯

If you are unable to attend one of these sites, you can have your pink slip inspection performed by any authorised mechanic. You can then upload your passed inspection report directly to your Uber Profile.

Vehicle inspection tips

Common issues to look out for

1. Tyres

Ensure each tyre has a sufficient tread depth of at least 1.5mm. To save time, we recommend you check your tyres prior to getting an inspection.

2. Lights

Ensure all lights are working, including headlights, park lights, signal indicator lights and brake lights.

3. Body damage

Ensure the body of your car is in good condition.

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Please note: Passing the vehicle inspection does not guarantee access to the Uber driver app.