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Caltex Fuel Discounts

Sign-up to deliver with Uber Eats and get great discounts with Uber Momentum Partner Rewards - a free rewards program exclusive to Uber Eats delivery partners.

Earn points every time you deliver with Uber Eats. The more points, the higher your Momentum status. The higher your Momentum status, the more savings available to you - including fuel discounts and free coffee at over 450 participating Caltex service stations across Australia.

To learn more about Momentum Rewards, head to the link below.

Momentum Status Rewards


6c per litre


7c per litre


8c per litre


12c per litre

Redeem your Caltex Fuel Discount

Caltex fuel discounts are available to Momentum Rewards partners at over 450 participating* Caltex service stations

Find a participating service station near you in the Uber app.

*Note: May not be available at all locations.

Caltex conditions apply, including that reasonable use applies (if you refuel more than two times within a 24 hour period starting from your first redemption, a suspension period will apply to your Momentum card to protect against potential misuse or card sharing. Please note that this will not affect your use of the Uber Driver app, or eligibility for other Uber Momentum Reward offers), discounts apply to regular, diesel and Vortex Premium fuels up to 120 litres per redemption, and discount applies at participating stores.

Important things to note

Have a question?

Open the Uber driver app, select Help, then Account and Payment, and select the Uber Momentum option to find the topic most relevant to you.

Do you see an additional one cent charge on your receipt titled “Ignore Not Charged”?

Don’t worry, you’re not being charged for it!

This one cent charge is cancelled out by adding a one cent extra discount within your discount value as shown on your receipt. So if you’re only supposed to get $1.00 of discount from your fuel purchase, your discount will be $1.01 to cancel the one cent charge. Caltex is working to fix this bug asap.

Terms & Conditions

  • Existing Momentum Card terms and conditions apply (head here)
  • Offer not available to Uber Taxi
  • Offer not redeemable for LPG
  • Receive one free regular coffee (or tea) from Participating Locations which have a coffee machine (excluding the Foodary’s barista-made coffee) when you fill up a minimum of 25 litres of fuel and present your in-app Momentum Card. Only one coffee (or tea) per 24 hour period.
  • Access to Caltex Momentum Rewards may be temporarily or permanently restricted if the limit of 2 redemptions per 24 hour period, starting from your first redemption, is exceeded. Please note that this will not affect your use of the Uber Driver app, or eligibility for other Uber Momentum Reward offers
  • Only available at participating Caltex service stations
  • Fuel prices found in-app can be up to 30 minutes delayed from time to time
  • Momentum offer not available in conjunction with any other offer or discount
  • Discounts apply to transactions on eligible fuel, up to 120 litres per redemption.

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only, is subject to change and may be updated without notice.