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Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) registration

From 8th November 2017, all ridesharing drivers in the ACT will be required to hold a WWVP registration card.

How to register

1. Apply online

Complete the online application with Access Canberra.

2. Visit Access Canberra

Attend your local Access Canberra Service Centre to verify your identity and have your photo taken.

3. Receive card

Access Canberra will assess your application and post the WWVP card to you.

Upload to your account

Once you have received your WWVP registration card from Access Canberra, upload it to your Uber account. In order to keep accessing the Uber app, you will need to obtain this registration card and upload it to your Uber account.

Once you have a WWVP card

From 8th November 2017, all ridesharing drivers in the ACT:

  • Must hold a current WWVP registration card
  • Must carry their card at all times when driving using the Uber App
  • Must produce their card when asked by an authorised person or police
  • Should produce their card when asked by a parent or carer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a WWVP registration card?

The ACT Government now requires all point to point transport providers, including rideshare drivers, to have a WWVP registration card.

2. What does a WWVP registration card look like?

The WWVP registration card is a physical card, the same size and security content as a driver’s licence. It shows your name, photo, registration number, and the card expiration date.

See example >

3. How long does it take to get the WWVP registration card?

Access Canberra’s average processing time is 4-6 weeks from lodging the application in an Access Canberra Service Centre (photograph and proof of identity) to receiving the registration card. If you have any concerns about the requirement or your eligibility and would like to discuss them, you can contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

4. How much does the WWVP registration cost?

The current fee is $82.00. If a registered person loses their registration card then a replacement fee is charged by Access Canberra.

5. How do I complete the form?

The following selections will generally apply to ridesharing drivers when completing the WWVP registration application.

  • Purpose of registration: Select “Self-employed” - you’re your own boss when driving using the Uber App!
  • Registration type: Select the “General Registration” type instead of one of the “Conditional” options
  • One question asks “Can you provide details for your regulated activity employer/organisation?” Please note that Uber does not employ rideshare drivers and we recommend you select ‘No’ to this question.

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