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Get accredited

ACT rideshare requirements
Here’s what you need to do to get accredited for rideshare in the ACT.
The process

Rideshare accreditation in the ACT

1. Apply for Working with Vulnerable People registration

As part of ACT rideshare regulations, you will need to obtain a WWVP registration card from Access Canberra.

2. Complete a medical assessment & vehicle inspection

You will also need to complete:

3. Complete your application to Access Canberra

You will need to complete two online forms to obtain your Public Vehicle Driver Licence and Rideshare Vehicle Licence:

Driver Safety Education

In the Australian Capital Territory, you and Uber have certain legal obligations to ensure that every trip is safe and welcoming. To make sure you are aware of these obligations, you are required to complete driver safety education before you can start using the Uber Driver app. It should take less than 30 minutes to complete. You can complete the driver safety education course via logging into the Uber Driver app/website.

The safety education covers important topics such as avoiding discrimination, preventing sexual harassment, assisting riders with disability, vehicle maintenance and inspection, making sure you are fit to drive and general road safety.

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