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How to take Pool trips

Pool trips are shared between riders. Multiple riders, multiple fares – and more time spent on the road instead of waiting for requests.

How Pool works

Pool is an economical way for riders to share trips with others. For drivers like you, it helps you spend more time earning and less time holding for the next trip.

1. Tap to accept the trip as you normally would.

2. If you receive other ride requests headed in generally the same direction and they’re accepted, they’ll be added to the Pool trip.

3. As you drive, you make money from your first pickup to your last drop-off.

Pool with short walks

Some Pool riders may be asked to walk a short distance to you. That helps make pickups faster, because you’ll avoid taking a detour. Don’t worry – the trip will work the same in your Driver app, and the rider is not too far away.

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