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Your delivery rating from restaurants and customers, explained

Your rating can help you understand what your customers think of you.

Your overall rating comes from your last 100 ratings from restaurant staff and delivery customers. They can rate you with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. You might also receive feedback from restaurants and customers that you might find helpful.

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How to give, get, and check ratings in the app

1. Once you complete your pickup, the app gives you the opportunity to rate the restaurant. You also get to rate your customer once you drop off their order.

2. Restaurant staff and customers have the option to leave you feedback, too. If someone gives you a thumbs down, the app may ask that person for a bit more feedback about why that rating was chosen.

3. The app adds the ratings you get into an average that’s displayed to your customers before and during a trip.

4. You can see your average satisfaction rating in your app. Tap your profile picture in the menu, then tap the rating under your name for details.

If you receive a low rating

From time to time, you may encounter someone who gives you a low rating for something that was beyond your control. Don’t worry. One low rating won’t have a significant impact on your overall average. If you’re consistently rated poorly, check out Uber resources, including tips from other delivery people. If your rating doesn’t improve, you may lose access to the app (see Uber’s Community Guidelines for more information).

Tips for earning a higher rating from customers

These tips and recommendations from top delivery partners can help you keep a great rating:

  • Read pickup instructions

    Top partners recommend always double checking for pickup instructions before you arrive at a restaurant to help you save time. Pickup instructions are intended to make the pickup as smooth as possible.

  • Read drop-off instructions

    Reading drop off instructions before you arrive at the Eater can help you save time, as eaters provide these instructions to make the drop-off as smooth as possible.

    If you don’t feel safe delivering to the consumer’s door, try to give them a call to let them know where they can meet you.

  • Bring your phone

    Restaurant partners recommend bringing your phone into the restaurant to show which order you’re collecting. This allows the restaurant to quickly verify your order and provide you with it.

  • Be respectful of staff

    Restaurants partners and consumers tell us delivery partners need to be mindful of how their words and actions might affect someone.

    A restaurant can be a stressful environment and everyone has a role to play, so being respectful to restaurant staff can help you build a better relationship. Remember, you could be delivering for this restaurant again.

  • Friendly towards Eater

    Top partners recommend engaging with consumers to improve the delivery experience. Eaters tell us that a simple “hello” or “have a nice day” can have a big impact.

  • Handle food with care

    Eaters tell us that they give poor ratings when they receive an order which has been opened, damaged or has items missing.

    Remember to handle food carefully for example, pizzas should be flat and drinks should be secured.

    If the packaging provided isn’t working, let restaurants know via the app.

  • Start trip quickly

    Restaurants and eaters prefer it if you start the trip right after you’ve picked up the food from the restaurant.

    This will provide a better experience for Eaters because they can track the order in the app and see how close you are with the delivery.

  • Efficient route

    Top delivery partners always try to take the most efficient route to get to the consumer as taking an inefficient route can lead to cold food for the consumer.


Frequently asked questions

  • If you just started, you’ll be able to see your rating once you’ve received 10 or more ratings from restaurants or customers.

  • If you just started delivering, it’s normal for your average rating to vary over the course of your first few days. This is because there are fewer available trips making up your average. As you complete more and more rated trips, your overall rating will be based on your last 100 rated trips and therefore more stable.

  • Positive feedback from restaurants and customers can improve your rating with each trip.

  • No, you won’t receive a rating for any canceled or unaccepted deliveries.

  • Providing a thoughtful rating strengthens our community and helps everyone get the most from Uber Eats. These are among the 4 qualities that delivery people frequently consider when rating restaurants and customers:

    1. Promptness: Were they ready for you when you arrived?
    2. Courtesy: Did they treat you with respect?
    3. Safety: Did you feel safe? Were you pressured to do something that would violate Uber’s Community Guidelines?
    4. Clear communication: Were notes and instructions to you clear?

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.