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Delivering using the Uber Eats app

Here’s some information about how the app can help make deliveries successful.

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Spotlight on pick-ups

When you’re ready to deliver, you can go online in the Driver app. The app will surface available delivery requests near you. You can tap to accept.

The restaurant will be expecting you, but you can let the staff know you're there to pick up an order from the Uber Eats app. Delivery people have told us they match the name and the order number in the app with the order to confirm they have the right one before leaving the restaurant.

How to deliver

Here's how it works:

1. Go online and receive an order to pick up near you.

2. Tap to accept.

3. When you arrive at the restaurant, let the staff know you're there to pick up an order through Uber Eats.

4. Before you leave, match the name and the order number in the app to confirm that you have the right order.

5. Travel to drop-off point to deliver the food order.

Locating your customer

If you’re unable to find the customer when delivering, you can call or message them in the app. If they don’t answer, you can tap the banner that appears to indicate that they didn’t answer. This will send them a notification.

If they don’t contact you quickly, you can follow the prompts to end the delivery.

A high number of cancelled deliveries may indicate fraudulent activity in violation of our Community Guidelines and the Platform Access Agreement.

1. Calling the consumer

If you can't find the consumer at the drop-off location, you can give them a call by tapping the phone icon next to the delivery information in your Partner app.

2. Activating the countdown

If the consumer doesn’t answer your call, you can tap the notification that appears in your app to indicate that they didn’t answer. This will send them a notification that you called. Once they receive the notification, a timer will begin in your app.

3. Ending the delivery

If the consumer doesn’t contact you by the time the countdown runs out, you can follow the prompts to end the delivery. You’ll still receive earnings, and it won’t affect your cancellation rating.

How to use the app for pick-ups

  • Waiting at the restaurant

    Restaurants sometimes take longer than usual to prepare the food. You can tap the order details and report that the order is Not ready.

  • Getting delivery details in the app

    Once you arrive at the delivery location, the app will give you details that the customer has provided, such as intercom and floor numbers that will help you locate them.

  • Phone service

    The app will work best in areas of your city where drivers and customers have cell service.

  • Incorrect delivery addresses

    If a customer contacts you with a different address than the one they entered in the app, you're free to accept or decline the request. If you can and want to deliver the order to the new address, you can call our Support team for assistance. Otherwise, if you decline to deliver to the new address, you can dispose of the order.


Experienced an issue on the way to the consumer?

Top partners contact the Uber Eats support team if they have an issue, such as vehicle breakdown, on the way to delivering food to the consumer.

You can contact our support team 24/7 through the app.

Getting help

The person you need to contact will depend on which stage of the delivery process you’re at.

  • If you’re not currently delivering an order, go to the HELP section of the app and follow the prompts, or visit and login.
  • If you’re about to accept an order you can contact the restaurant by tapping the ‘Phone’ symbol next to the restaurant name. When you are ready to pick up an order, you can tap CONTACT and then SENDER to contact the restaurant.
  • If you’ve picked up the delivery and have a question for the consumer, tap CONTACT and then RECIPIENT.

During a delivery, if you can’t get in contact with either the restaurant or the consumer, our support team is here to help - you can contact us through the help section of your app.

Community Guidelines on completing deliveries

Fraudulent activity or misuse of Uber Eats undermines the trust on which Uber is built and will not be tolerated. To ensure we provide the best experience for all members of our marketplace, we regularly lookout for fraud or misuse by users. We may deactivate any account or accounts associated with fraudulent activity or misuse, which includes picking up the item without the intention to complete a delivery.

Frequently asked questions

  • An insulated bag can make for a better customer experience, according to delivery people, but it isn’t required unless you’re delivering in a location where it’s required by law.

Deliver your way in the app

Deliver your way in the app

The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.