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5 星行程

想知道如何获得 5 星评分?我们询问过乘客和合作车主。了解他们的建议,以便自己能够获得更高评分。

  • 通过本视频,您可以了解:

    • What separates 5-star trips from other trips
    • Preferred rider routes
    • Conversation with riders
    • Safe driving habits
    • Where to find your ratings

Tips for a 5-star trip

Riders often rate their experience based on the following:

A clean car that’s well maintained and scent-free.

A preferred route to their destination. It might be different from what the navigation shows.

Polite, easygoing, and respectful conversation.

Excellent service such as helping riders with doors and their luggage.

Following local traffic laws and speed limits.


  • 这由您决定。有些乘客喜欢交谈,其他乘客则喜欢享受安静的行程。很多 5 星评分的合作车主反映,在行程开始时问候乘客,然后让乘客主动发起谈话,乘客通常会做出很好的回应。


  • Yes, many drivers play music to make riders feel welcome. Some drivers recommend asking the rider if there's a radio station they prefer or if they'd like to play music from their phone.

  • 相信您的判断。您可以询问对方所需的帮助。如果您有提供帮助的意愿和能力,也可以帮助乘客。请注意,法律规定您必须允许服务类动物进入车内。