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A step-by-step on how deliveries work

Picking up orders

After accepting a delivery request, you’ll get the order number, order details, and customer’s name.

Directions to the pickup location will show along with any specific pickup instructions. The order receipt should always match the details shown in the Driver app.

Dropping off orders

There are 3 types of delivery options:

  • Leave at door
  • Meet outside
  • Meet at door

Once you’ve arrived, your customer will get a notification. Verify in the app which delivery option they’ve chosen, and follow their directions for completing the dropoff.

Contacting Support

If you ever need support while on a trip, you can reach an agent by tapping the menu icon, then selecting Help and the issue you need assistance with.


Here are a few other tips offered by merchants and couriers that you might find helpful.

  • Picking up batched orders

    Accepting multiple orders from the same merchant helps you wait less and deliver more, maximizing your earnings.

  • Unable to contact customer

    If you can’t reach your customer by text or call, a timer will start. When the timer ends, the app will provide instructions for what to do with the order.

  • Navigating with your favorite map

    To set your preferred navigation app, tap the menu icon, then tap Account, App Settings, and Navigation.



  • 派送员表示,使用保温袋有助于改善顾客体验,但除非您所在地区的法律要求如此,否则可以不使用。

  • 可以,只要您所在地区的 Uber Eats 优食平台可用。要在接载和派送服务之间切换,请轻触屏幕底部的条形。轻触右下角的设置图标以打开“开车接单偏好设置”,然后开启“派送服务”