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How a trip works

Ready to hit the road? Understanding how trips work and what to expect can help make for an easier, stress-free experience.

A step-by-step on how trips work

Accepting a trip

While on the road, you’ll begin to receive trip requests. Accepting a trip will show you a rider’s pickup address, location, and navigational directions to get them.

Picking up your rider

You can use the Driver app to call or message your rider. Once you’ve attempted to contact them, a 2-minute timer will begin. If the timer runs out or they cancel, you could be paid extra for your time.

Starting the trip

Once you’ve found your rider and they’re safe in your vehicle, you can verify their destination and start the trip.

Arriving at the destination

As you reach your rider’s destination, consider stopping as close as possible to their final address. Also, keep an eye out for safety hazards such as traffic, bus stops, and bike lanes.

Contacting Support

If you ever need support while on a trip, you can reach an agent by tapping the menu icon, then selecting Help and the issue you need assistance with.



  • Multi-stop trips

    Between their pickup and destination, riders can request multiple stops. You'll be paid for each stop.

  • Back-to-back trips

    These are consecutive trips that occur when you accept a trip while finishing your current trip. The details will be added to your queue.

  • Zooming on the map


  • Navigating with your favorite map

    To set your preferred navigation app, tap the menu icon in the upper left corner. Then tap Account, App Settings, and Navigation.



  • 您可以通过车主端报告与乘客相关的问题,请轻触菜单中的帮助,然后轻触行程问题和调整

  • 您可以在接到乘客之前或之后取消行程。在您无法提供服务时,建议您选择下线。

  • 如果您想停止接单,只需在地图上


  • 您偶尔可能收到需前往很远目的地的行程派单。如果收到这样的行程派单,您可以在屏幕底部看到“长途行程”标示以及预计行程时间。


  • UberX Share is a carpooling option available in many cities around the world. If UberX Share is offered in your city, you may pick up additional riders along your route—only one passenger per pickup.

    When you drive with UberX Share, you're receiving fares from everyone, from your first pickup to the last rider dropped off. This reduces time spent waiting for ride requests or traveling to a new location and helps you earn more efficiently.