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Ride Pass

Ride Pass gives you consistently low prices on UberX and Pool rides no matter the traffic, weather, or time of day. Ride Pass is available in select cities for a monthly fee of just $24.99.*

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Ride Pass is a new way for riders to receive price protection on rides in eligible coverage areas of their city, for one low monthly fee.

Price protection offered through Ride Pass is different than price protection offered through Uber Rewards.

Ride Pass is a monthly subscription that provides price protection on all eligible routes for an upfront price. A Ride Pass purchase provides peace of mind keeping prices consistently lower across UberX and UberPool.

Uber Rewards is a loyalty program that is free to join. Benefits for Platinum and Diamond level members include price protection on one route rather than all routes. Members in these levels need to configure their route to experience the benefit.

If you are both a Ride Pass holder and a Platinum or Diamond tier member you will always see the Ride Pass pricing. Both programs work with promotions if available.

Ride Pass is available in select cities in the US. If you live in a city where it’s available, you’ll see Ride Pass in the menu of your Uber app. Stay tuned as we expand to more cities in 2019.

Ride Pass is a monthly subscription. Unless otherwise stated, each pass is good for a month and will renew automatically. You can cancel anytime.

Ride Pass protects every UberX and UberPool trip in your city's eligible area. After purchase, you can see map details by tapping Ride Pass in your Uber app menu.

JUMP benefits are available in select cities.