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You help keep communities moving

We're finding new ways to support you.


Drivers and delivery people like you are working hard to keep communities running. You deserve strong support—from your communities, from your government, and from Uber. We’re finding new ways to increase the support you receive, including working with government officials to help you get access to financial relief for lost earnings you may be eligible for, and providing you with access to more opportunities to earn.

¿Necesitas un auto para conducir?

You have options. Open the door to driving and earning with a variety of road-ready cars on Uber's Vehicle Marketplace.¹

Autos con compromiso flexible

You can pick a car from our vehicle partners with low or no upfront costs and no long-term contracts, so you can return it when you're ready.¹

By the hour or week

Encuentra la opción más conveniente para ti y conserva el auto durante el tiempo que quieras.¹

Ten un auto siempre que lo necesites

If your car is unavailable, choose one that comes with insurance, unlimited mileage, basic maintenance, and/or other possible options.¹

Comienza a conducir y a generar ganancias

The open road awaits. You can sign up to drive with Uber and learn more about getting the car you need from one of our vehicle partners.¹

Encuentra la opción ideal para ti

Por hora

Conduce en tu propio tiempo: ponte al volante cuando dispongas de algunas horas.

  • Sin costos por adelantado, plazos mínimos ni contratos prolongados
  • Retira autos por toda la ciudad
  • El seguro siempre está incluido

Por semana

Renta el vehículo por semana sin quedar atrapado en un contrato a largo plazo.

  • Sin contratos a largo plazo
  • Depósito económico reembolsable
  • El seguro siempre está incluido

Socios de renta de vehículos

Hertz | Por semana

Getaround | Por hora

Hertz | Por semana

Preguntas frecuentes

Guarantee offer terms (Applies only in locations where guarantee offers are available): This is a promotional offer and is not a promise or guarantee of future earnings. This offer is available only to new drivers on the Uber app who (i) have never previously signed up to drive or deliver with Uber; (ii) receive this offer directly from Uber and see it in the guarantee tracker of the Uber Driver app; (iii) are cleared to drive with Uber; and (iv) complete the number of trips displayed in the guarantee tracker in the city where they signed up to drive within 90 days of signing up. Offer terms such as number of trips and reward amount may vary by location. The guarantee offer that you see in the app replaces any guarantee amounts Uber previously offered you.

Earnings from your fares and surge (after service fees and certain charges are deducted, such as city or local government charges) are included toward your guarantee offer amount; any tips and/ or other incentives you make are on top of that amount. If you complete the required number of trips within 90 days of signup and you earn less than the guarantee offer amount, then you’ll receive the difference.

For example, if your guarantee offer amount is $1,000 and you earn $800 in fares, an additional $100 in tips, and an additional $50 in promotions (for a total of $950), you would receive an additional $200 because your fares didn’t meet the guarantee offer amount.

Any offer payment due will be added to your account after you complete the required trips. Each completed pickup and dropoff on UberPool will count as one trip toward your minimum trip requirement. Each required trip must be with a unique rider. Canceled trips do not count. This offer is valid only for those who meet the eligibility requirements associated with this offer. Uber reserves the right to withhold or deduct offer payments that it determines or believes were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of the driver terms or these terms. Limited-time offer. Offer and terms are subject to change.

¹Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered. Drivers renting with a rental partner may qualify for trip surge areas and Uber promotions specific to that rental partner, but except as specified in the Driver app, may not qualify to participate in other promotional offers.

²Excludes taxes, gas, and other applicable fees.