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Driver Promotions

When you choose to drive on the Uber platform, you may be eligible for certain promotions. In-app promotions are based on when we expect the most trip requests in your area. Promotions vary by state and not all promotions are available to all drivers.¹ Learn how each promotion works and how you can earn extra with them.

How promotions work


Reach a set number of trips to unlock a lower Service Fee

With Quest, you can lower your Service Fee and keep more of the trip fare. You will need to choose a Quest before its window closes, or you won’t be eligible to have Service Fees lowered on your trips during that period.

Example: Unlock a 10% Service Fee on future trips after completing 30 trips.


Drive at busy times and places to receive a lower Service Fee

With Boost, you will have the chance to lower Uber’s Service Fee by completing trips in certain locations during busy times of day.

Example: Earn a 10% lower Service Fee on a trip that starts downtown between 4pm and 6pm.

Más información

Where to find promotion details

You can check the Driver app anytime to see if a promotion is available. Just tap Promotions in the app menu. We may also send you emails and in-app messages with offers.

Where to find your extra earnings

Where to find your extra earnings You can find your extra earnings in the Earnings section of the Driver app. Just tap Earnings in the app menu, then tap Earnings Details.

¹Availability of promotions is only for a limited time and may be subject to several factors, including but not limited to, demand, holidays, special city events, and star rating.