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Together, we can reinvent independent work

You changed the way the world moves. Now you can help change the way it works.

You deserve a better way to work

The past few months have been incredibly difficult for gig workers. Yet despite a pandemic, protests over social justice, and more, many of you have found a way to help keep the world moving.

And now, you shouldn’t be alone when you need support the most.

So after taking an honest look at how our business has benefited workers—and, crucially, how it hasn’t—we’re committing to change.

We believe a better way to work is possible—one that offers flexibility when you want it and support when you need it.

We believe that, by partnering with government and other companies, we can set a new standard that combines the freedom of independent work with new benefits and protections.

We believe you deserve better. Now we’re stepping up to fight for it.


6 ways to improve work for you

In order to raise the standard for independent work for all, government and business need to work together. That’s why we created our Working Together Priorities, which can help people who earn through app-based work receive more security, protection, and transparency.

The first step towards improving independent work has already started. California decisively voted to give drivers and delivery people what they wanted, becoming the first state to establish foundational benefits and protections for independent contractors. Read more about California's decision here.

Advocating to government for benefits and protections

Driver-directed funds

Today, you may be on your own if you need to take sick leave, plan for retirement, or buy health insurance. We believe gig companies should be required to offer more support by contributing money to individual benefits funds, which you can then direct toward the benefit that matters most to you.

Injury protection

Today, when you drive with Uber, we maintain auto insurance on your behalf. You can also choose to buy Optional Injury Protection. If we’re successful in working with government to update laws, we would be required to maintain this insurance for you—so if you get injured while driving or delivering, you’d have help to cover the cost, including medical bills.

Protection from discrimination

Today, in certain states, if you experience discrimination or harassment because of your race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristic while driving or delivering using an app, the laws in your state may not protect you—simply because you’re an independent contractor. We believe this is unacceptable. Everyone has a right to protection from discrimination, and we will work with government to provide that.

Leading the way on change today

Providing local earnings estimates

We want to take the guesswork out of earnings by giving you more information that can help you make the most of your time on the road. By the end of 2020, drivers in more than 30 US cities will be able to check the Driver app to see how much other drivers in their city have been earning recently.

Prioritizing your feedback

You know better than anyone what it takes to provide great service for your community. We’ll collect feedback from a survey of every driver and delivery person in the US, then publicly share your responses and our plan to make changes based on your feedback.

Investing in lifelong learning

We’re committed to the lifelong learning of those who earn on our platform and their families. We’ll continue to invest in educational programs, such as our partnership with Arizona State University.

Uber’s CEO in The New York Times

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, wrote an opinion editorial in The New York Times introducing Uber’s proposal for new protections for independent workers, including drivers and delivery people on the Uber platform.

Watch driver testimonials

Alyson in Seattle delivers when she’s not taking care of her elderly mother. Randy in Phoenix graduated from Arizona State University with 100% tuition coverage thanks to Uber Pro.

Find out what independent work means to them—and how Uber’s new proposal can help you keep your flexibility.

Help us improve independent work

We can’t do it without you

Your feedback is crucial to making sure independent work works better for all. Help us improve our Working Together Priorities by giving us your thoughts.

Sign the petition

In order to improve independent work for you, we need new laws from government, support from other platform companies, and your voice. If you support our ideas, help us by signing this petition.