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Safety and respect for all

Uber's Community Guidelines  


Our guidelines were developed to help make every experience feel safe, respectful, and positive.

Everyone who signs up for an Uber account across all of our apps, including drivers, riders, delivery partners, Uber Eats customers, restaurants, and JUMP users, is expected to follow the guidelines.

Treat everyone with respect

The guidelines in this section help to foster positive interactions within our diverse community during every experience.

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Help keep one another safe

Our team works every day to help create safer experiences for everyone. That’s why these standards were written. You can also find guidelines just for Uber Eats in this section.

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Follow the law

We’re committed to following the law. We expect everyone who uses our apps to do their part and adhere to applicable local, state, and federal laws.

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The power of your choices

Millions of people have great experiences with Uber every day. These positive interactions help define who we are. Thank you for choosing to help make Uber a safe and welcoming community.

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Your feedback matters

If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, we make it easy for you to tell us. Our team is continuously improving our standards, and your feedback is important to keep our standards relevant as our technology evolves.

How to find help

If you want to report an incident, visit the Help Center or contact us through the app. If you find yourself in immediate danger, alert your local authorities before notifying Uber.

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How ratings work

A high rating tells you that you’re doing great. If your rating is lower than the average in your city, we’ll let you know how to improve. And if your rating is significantly below average, you could temporarily or permanently lose access to the app.

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How our guidelines apply to you

Uber reviews all reports submitted to our customer support team that may violate our Community Guidelines, and we may investigate through a specialized team. Your account may be put on hold until our review is complete. Not following any of our guidelines may result in the loss of access to your Uber accounts.

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