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What principles guide Uber’s marketplace?

We understand that connecting people to places and opportunities has real-world consequences, and that’s a big responsibility. Our principled approach to marketplace design helps us live up to that responsibility.

Our goal is to create a rideshare marketplace where everyone can thrive. So when it comes to pricing and matching rides, these principles shape our work:

Expanding access

We believe broad access to an open marketplace creates greater opportunity for everyone.

We aim to serve anyone’s need for mobility or work—anywhere and anytime.

Delivering reliability

We believe the Uber network should work for everyone in the community.

We strive to make every ride a great experience, and we design for a balanced and reliable marketplace for today and the future.

Providing choice

We believe flexibility and choice enable more freedom in mobility and work.

We provide choices for both drivers and riders, and the network rewards choices that benefit the community.

Aligning needs

We believe it is our responsibility to align the different and sometimes conflicting needs of riders and drivers.

We build technology designed to provide reliable earnings for drivers and affordable prices for riders. We are also responsible for how value is shared across the network.

Being upfront

We believe everyone should be equipped with the right information to make the best decisions for their needs.

We strive to be clear about pricing, matching, and how our technology affects riders and drivers.

Our commitments

We are committed to an ongoing conversation. We understand that this site may not answer every question about our ridesharing marketplace. Please reach out to us here with additional questions and ideas.

We are committed to taking action. We will continue to incorporate these principles into our product development so that our marketplace design remains consistent with and accountable to these principles.

We are committed to long-term partnership. We will operate the marketplace with integrity, and always strive to do the right thing by drivers, riders, and the communities we serve.

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