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Information for drivers

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Learn how dropping off and picking up airport riders works at SFO.

Frequently asked questions

Thank you for looking into your citation further. You can refer to the following section for some of the most frequently asked questions around airport citations.

  • Yes, you still have to pay the citation. SFO officers do not issue citations directly to Uber drivers. This means that they won’t approach you at the airport at the time of the violation to write you a ticket. Instead, they observe a violation, write a ticket, and send the ticket to Uber. Uber then uses the information on the citation—license plate, driver name, vehicle, and time—to notify you, the driver. Uber then collects the payment from your earnings.

  • Yes, even though the citation may be from many months ago, it is still valid. Uber is only able to process these citations once we receive them from SFO and it often takes SFO several months to send them over to us. We realize the inconvenience of this delay and hope to improve the turnaround time in the future.

  • No action is needed on your part to pay the ticket. The airport bills Uber directly for citations and Uber then collects the amounts from driver earnings statements. After receiving a notification email, you will see the fine deducted from your next earnings statement.

  • Unfortunately, yes. Even during your first weeks driving with Uber, you are responsible for knowing and understanding rules at the airport. We understand the airport can be an overwhelming experience at first, so it can be helpful to review the SFO rules and regulations before heading to the airport for trips.

  • A staging citation means that you were waiting either in the incorrect location or for too long of a time. According to airport regulations, you must stage in the specified TNC Staging Lot when waiting for a pickup and you should only head out of the Staging Lot when you have a pickup request. Once you arrive at the terminal, it’s best not to wait more than a couple minutes for your rider. Unlike when you pick up a friend at the airport, SFO Officers do not tap on your window to move. They will only write a citation and send it to Uber, and we will be forced to collect.

  • If you were not online and driving with Uber at the time of the citation, you are eligible to dispute the citation. To do so, you can submit your information at the link below.