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Step 3: Set expectations with your guests

Communicate the following information to your guests, so they know what to expect.

No app required

Riders won’t need to use the Uber app or have an Uber account. They’ll receive a text with trip details. If those details are incorrect, they'll need to tell you immediately so you can edit the ride.

Editing a Flexible Ride

Canceling a trip

Know the ride type

Make sure the rider knows whether you scheduled a ride for them (now or later) or arranged a Flexible Ride (which they’ll request when they’re ready).

Types of rides

Be ready to go

Uber driver-partners will only wait 5 minutes at the appointed pickup spot, so riders should be there before requesting the ride. If the driver cancels the trip (before or after arriving at the pickup location), your guest should contact you to arrange another ride.

Check the ride, every time

Make sure the rider gets in the right car. Riders should use the trip details link to match the license plate, car make and model, and driver photo.

The route and payment are set

The driver will have the pickup and dropoff locations, so the rider won’t need to give directions. Payment will be taken care of by your company.

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