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You are all set to start arranging rides for your guests. Here’s more information if you need it.

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Exploring the Central dashboard

To becoming more familiar with using the Central dashboard and how to handle rider issues, explore the topics below.

  • Expanding the ride cards will allow you to request support, report lost items, rebook trips, and book return trips.

    Requesting support

    Rebooking a trip or booking a return trip

  • You can track a ride’s status and see the driver’s name, photo, vehicle make and model, and more from the “Today’s rides” tab of the dashboard.

    Ride statuses and what they mean

    How to see driver details

  • Cancel rides from the “Today’s rides” tab of the dashboard. Canceling a ride may incur a cancellation fee.

    How to cancel a trip

  • Find out more about what your guest will experience with Central rides in the Help Center.

    The guest experience

  • After entering the pickup address, you can refine the location by selecting the pin and dragging it to the exact pickup spot.

  • Refer to the article below if a rider loses an item or has a different issue with a trip.

    What if a guest rider has an issue with a trip?

  • If you get an error saying a Scheduled Ride can’t be requested in an area, that means the area doesn’t always have a reliable number of drivers available. You’ll need to either request an on-demand Immediate Ride or create a Flexible Ride for your guest.

    I can’t schedule rides in some areas

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