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Step 2: Set up your first ride

Follow the steps below to request a ride for someone. For more detailed instructions, read this article:

1. Sign in to the dashboard

Sign in to to start requesting rides for others. Don’t forget, you’ll need to use your personal Uber login to access

2. Fill out the trip details

Enter the rider’s name and mobile phone number, pickup location (drag the map to refine the location), and dropoff location. The rider will receive their trip details and reminder notifications by text, so make sure you enter the correct phone number.

Text details your guest will receive

3. Select a way to arrange the ride

Choose whether you want to request a ride immediately, schedule one for later, or arrange a Flexible Ride (which lets the rider request a ride when they’re ready). You’ll also select a vehicle type. If you can’t select a specific vehicle type, your admin may have set limitations on which ones you can request.

Types of rides

4. Set up the ride

Add a note to the driver or an internal memo (such as expense code, client ID number, cost tracking number) if needed. Then request the Scheduled Ride, set up the Flexible Ride, or save the ride as a draft. Make sure your guest is aware that you’re arranging a ride for them (especially if it’s their first one) and that they’re ready to be picked up.

Pro tip

Arranging Flexible Rides for your guests (so they can request the ride when they’re ready) reduces potential cancellations and the fees associated with them.

More about cancellation fees

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