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Are you an individual needing delivery service? Whether you’re sending a care package, a gift, or an important document, Uber Connect same-day delivery has you covered. Check for availability in your city here.

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Courier services and same-day delivery in Bayonne, NJ

From retail shops to pet stores and more, Uber Direct makes it easy for businesses to add on-demand delivery to their sales channels.

Your branding remains front and center while couriers on the Uber platform provide best-in-class delivery services in Bayonne. Get started today with Uber Direct, a reliable white-label delivery solution.

Why choose Uber Direct for your courier service needs

From 0% commissions to flexible delivery options, Uber Direct makes adding on-demand delivery services to your business easy and affordable. Explore the benefits of choosing this courier service, now available in Bayonne and across other cities in the US.

No commissions

Forgo expensive marketplace fees and pay a tailored delivery fee based on distance, speed, and region instead.

Flexible delivery options

Whether you need to ship items in under 2 hours or up to 30 days in advance, there’s a delivery speed for you.

Easy integration

Connect your sales channel to Uber Direct’s dashboard, the Uber Direct API or to one of our channel partners.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking happens automatically. Share a branded text with the latest ETA and location with customers too or leverage Uber’s branding to boost your credibility.

Same-day delivery services for individuals with Uber Connect

Uber Connect brings the ease of requesting UberX to delivery fulfillment for individuals. In select cities, you can ship out a birthday gift, care package, or business document, then track your shipment as it makes its way to the recipient on the same day. Find out below if Uber Connect is available in your city.

Bayonne courier services

Browse delivery services that support a range of businesses in Bayonne. From same day delivery to courier services for conquering the last mile, these solutions help deliver efficient services for you and your customers.

Same-day courier services

Get time-sensitive orders delivered on the same day. With our fast and reliable couriers, items can arrive at their dropoff location in under 2 hours.

Last-mile delivery services

Last-mile delivery is the final step to getting an order to its ultimate destination. Whether you own a restaurant or a flower shop, you can get items to a customer’s doorstep safely.

Package delivery services

From pickup to dropoff, you can expect a seamless package delivery experience. We handle the logistics while you can run your business in peace.

Legal courier services

Time is money in the legal landscape. Get confidential documents to customers in Bayonne without delays by offering rush delivery or scheduled delivery.

Medical courier services

Transport medical items with care to hospitals and to patients who need them most in and around Bayonne.

How Uber Direct’s courier services work

Set up delivery services through your channels

Connect your sales channels to Uber Direct to start offering on-demand delivery.

Request and fulfill delivery orders through Uber Direct

Begin accepting online orders through your website or app, or by phone. Send a delivery request to Uber and once confirmed, an Uber courier will fulfill your delivery orders.

Track delivery orders

Track delivery orders in real time from the pickup location to the final destination. You can share live updates and the courier location to keep customers informed every step of the way.

Hear from merchants like you

“Uber Eats connects us with new customers. And Uber Direct lets us offer a native experience that’s custom to our brand, with the convenience and reliability of delivery by the Uber network of drivers.”

Matt Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, One Table Restaurant Brands

“Our store associates handle the pick-and-pack process for all online orders, and they actually prefer orders that request Uber on-demand delivery because it requires less packaging and less time in the store to handle orders that are picked up by a courier.”

Adrian McKenzie, Senior Manager of eCommerce, EB Games

Frequently asked questions

  • Uber Direct is a white-label delivery service that lets you add on-demand delivery to your existing sales channels so you retain your branding. It’s currently available in hundreds of cities, including Bayonne, to meet your courier needs. Receive orders directly from your app or website, or by phone, and get your goods delivered through our platform. Offer immediate and scheduled delivery options to fulfill orders.

  • White-label delivery refers to a delivery service provided by a third party but tailored to a business’s branding as if the service were in-house. With Uber Direct, you can leverage our best-in-class delivery service within a brand experience (yours) that customers know and trust.

  • You can deliver most items under 50 pounds with Uber Direct in Bayonne. Items you can deliver include purchases from grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, pet supply stores, flower shops, and more. Certain medical items cannot be delivered with Uber Direct in Bayonne. Please check out the complete list of restricted items here.

  • You can typically deliver items within a 10-mile radius in Bayonne. Depending on your needs, you may be able to deliver items further up to 20 miles or more. You can contact customer support to discuss courier needs that extend beyond a 10-mile radius.

  • To inquire about lost or stolen items, contact us. Customers also have access to real-time tracking and can reach out to customer support if their delivery is not completed.

  • Uber Direct offers 2 delivery speeds: immediate and scheduled. The first option allows customers to get goods delivered in under 2 hours (and in as little as 30 minutes). The second option will enable customers to schedule deliveries in advance, up to 30 days.

  • Courier services in Bayonne are priced per delivery with Uber Direct. Your rates may be higher or lower depending on your order type, speed of delivery (express, same-day, next-day, scheduled), integration type, market region and other factors.

  • Yes, you can track orders as they’re happening with Uber Direct in Bayonne.

  • Our pricing models are based on various factors such as batching or volume of orders. We provide these numbers and will consider them when pricing a deal for you.

  • You can schedule deliveries anytime with Uber Direct. The availability of couriers may be limited depending on the time of the day. If your business requires access to couriers at non-business hours or has other specific requirements, you can use the scheduled delivery option or contact us to discuss further.

  • The cost of courier services in Bayonne varies depending on your business needs. With Uber Direct, you have control over how much you spend. Your rates may be higher or lower depending on your order type, speed of delivery (express, same-day, next-day, scheduled), integration type, market region, and other factors.

  • Yes. With Uber Direct, you can integrate legal courier services into your business in Bayonne with ease. Add immediate and scheduled delivery options for customers to choose between, and have couriers transport confidential documents safely to their destination.