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How to Invoice Us

uSupplier portal is Uber’s preferred invoicing method and will provide you with the best user experience.

Please visit the uSupplier Enrollment page to see if the portal is currently available in your country.

Learn more about our invoicing options

  • commerce eXtensible Markup Language is a communication protocol intended for tansfer of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers.

    cXML allows for transmission of purchase orders from our procurement application- Coupa- to your ERP, and SFTP of your invoices in the opposite direction.

  • cXML invoicing- when paired with cXML PO transmission- eliminates manual work for receiving POs, matching and sending invoices, and processing invoices.

    This reduces the overall AR/AP cycle time, accelerating payment, and reducing invoice errors.

  • Currently we are only setting up cXML for U.S. based suppliers.

    If you are:

    • in the U.S.
    • are providing primarily goods/items
    • anticipate >20 monthly orders and invoices
    • currently have- or are willing to setup- a Coupa item catalog with Uber (hosted or punchout)

    then you qualify for cXML invoicing!

    Please fill out the cXML E-Invoicing Enrollment Questionnaire. Be sure to indicate if you do not yet have a Coupa catalog set up with Uber.