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Lease a car in the Netherlands

Get into a car and start making money in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven. Applications are welcome, no matter what your credit level is. Leasing usually costs less per month than renting a car, and you.

Why lease?

Benefits of leasing

Pay less, get more

Leasing is a great way to get a brand new car while keeping monthly costs down.

Stay flexible

If your circumstances change you can return the car. This may incur extra fees.

Get started

Hit the road

1. Sign up as a driver via the Uber app

2. Via Uber sign up for lease

Sign the contract and pick up your car within 48 hours.

3. After picking up the car you are nearly ready to start driving


  • A car within 48 hours
  • Cars are automatic and in most cases are diesel
  • Large offer of dieselcars (lower fuel fuel costs then petrol/hybride)
  • No deposit
  • Terminable daily, with a notice period of 2 months
  • Payment per month, Leaseplan deducts your costs from the specified bank account.
  • Leas is possible if you have had your driving license for more than 3 years, there is no minimum age.
  • Sharing a car is permitted, but only with a nother Uber partner.


  • Starting at € 18,- a day in combination with an average of 75 kms. In other words €126 a week for an average of 525 kms. Rates are excl VAT. Choose your car in our online showroom and indicate your estimate of km's you will use per week. If you deviate from your indicated km's we won't adjust your rate, this keeps it simple! Leaseplan offers you low rates, transparency and not surprises. You can find more information over the rates, conditions and cars by clicking on more info below.

Start making money with Uber in the Netherlands