It’s our goal to make Uber the best platform for flexible work in the world. We know that listening to drivers is just the start – it’s critical that we help bring their ideas to life. We want to offer drivers features and rewards that can be found only on Uber, and 2022 was about doing just that. 

Last year, we reiterated our commitment to listening and fixing. And if I could wrap 2022 up in one word, it would be: building. From offering drivers Upfront Fares to helping them into electric vehicles, I’m proud of everything we brought to life to make drivers’ time on the app even better. And this is just the start – we have no intention of slowing down.

Earning & saving – better than ever

In 2022, we launched new tools (big and small) to help drivers earn more flexibly and transparently and tools to help support the newest drivers on the road. 

Upfront Fares and Trip Radar reimagine how drivers earn by showing how much they’ll make and where they’re going before accepting a trip, while also showing a list of other nearby trips to give them even more options. Together, these features reinforce the flexibility, transparency, and choice that we know drivers come to Uber for.

The new Uber Pro Card has unmatched cash back offers on gas and EV charging, and the revamped Uber Pro loyalty program recognizes and rewards drivers with Diamond status in a way that’s unprecedented in our industry—with an annual cash reward!

Drivers also asked that we show them where and when there is surge in the area, even when they’re offline, so we added surge alerts to let drivers know if there is a great earning opportunity nearby.

This year, we also revamped and simplified driver earnings statements so drivers can clearly see how much customers paid and how much the weekly Uber service fee was.

Helping drivers go electric

With gas hitting record highs earlier in 2022, we doubled down on our commitment to sustainability and helped drivers access electric vehicles (EVs). Our new EV Hub is a one-stop shop for drivers to find information about the benefits and potential savings of switching to an electric vehicle.  We also built a Charging Map feature directly in the Driver app to show them where the nearest EV chargers are located, what the charging speeds are, and navigation to get there.

Our unprecedented partnership with Hertz, providing drivers with the opportunity to rent a Tesla, is now available in 30+ cities across the country, including Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami. We announced the Canadian expansion of this partnership so drivers can now sign up to rent Teslas from Hertz in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. 

While many drivers have reported gas savings, drivers can also enjoy higher earnings potential due to Uber’s Green Future Program, which provides incentives – such as $1 extra per trip in a fully electric vehicle, up to $4,000 annually. And now, with the addition of Comfort Electric, Uber’s first all-electric rides offering, Tesla drivers in 24 cities across the US and Vancouver, Canada can enjoy even better earnings potential.

In 2023, we are committed to making it even easier and affordable to rent electric cars on the platform. 


Safety is always top of mind, and 2022 was no different. We launched a slate of new features to help keep drivers safe: improved in-app navigation to suggest fewer left turns, alerting drivers before approaching a four-way intersection without signals, and the expansion of our optional in-app Audio Recording feature. But the most exciting feature – an in-app dash cam that can record both video and audio on trips – is the direct result of listening to driver feedback. 

Investing in driver support & education

While consumers tend to interact with their Uber app for a few minutes several times a week, drivers are often interacting with the Driver App for several hours a day. So every bad experience is that much more painful—and every bug we fix, experience we improve, or feature we launch is that much more meaningful. In 2022, we continued to tackle issues big and small to make the driver experience better and maximize drivers’ earnings potential. 

This year, we revamped education to set new drivers up for success by delivering best-in-class learning content, such as a YouTube playlist.

We understand that losing account access can be an extremely frustrating experience for drivers and couriers. In 2022, we introduced an in-app feature that makes it easier for drivers and couriers to dispute an eligible account deactivation. We continue to take the safety of our users extremely seriously, and we also know that drivers and couriers deserve a voice. We continue to work on making this experience available for more deactivation types in more markets.

To ensure that drivers and couriers stay up to date on changes, fixes, and product updates we’ve made as a result of their feedback, we launched a newsletter, The Tune-Up, delivered to their inboxes each month. 

This work wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of drivers and couriers, who worked with us hand-in-hand to make these ideas come to life. 2022 was a busy year, but we want to do even more in 2023. We look forward to continuing to make Uber the best platform for flexible work.