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Vehicle on-boarding guidelines

How do I start earning with my vehicle?

In the interest of fairness, the ‘waiting list’ process has been amended to prioritize vehicle on-boarding based on the date of sign up.

Therefore it is no longer necessary to join the waiting list yourself, as you will be automatically entered based on the date of sign up to Uber.

Prioritization of adding vehicle

You are automatically entered to add your vehicle based on day of sign up, and activations will be prioritised as follows:

  1. Date of Signup - first to last
  2. Driver Status - driving for yourself or not
  3. Vehicle Status - number of vehicles already on-boarded

Although the waiting list has changed this does not mean that you will get an opportunity to add a vehicle any slower or faster than before.

Keeping the system fair for all

Guidelines to limit the abuse of Uber Profiles and “slots” / “licenses”

When Uber first launched in South Africa, our mission included creating a fair, open and inclusive process for individuals to become driver-partners and access new economic opportunities. Four years later, this commitment has not changed. However, there are some individuals who have been using their Uber Profiles in a way that harms the fair and open process and restricts others from accessing the economic opportunity that comes with being a driver-partner.

In the spirit of fair and open access to the system, we have set out the following guidelines to limit the abuse of Uber Profiles and “slots” / “software licenses”.

You may not sell, rent or transfer your Uber profile or “slot” / “software license”, as this is against Uber Partnership Terms and Conditions.

Are you driving a vehicle that you own but the vehicle is operating on someone else’s profile?

If so, we will move that vehicle to your profile. i.e. grant you a “slot” / “software license”, if you can show that you own the vehicle by presenting documentation proving this. Please note that the “slot” / “software license” will be lost for the other party.

If you believe you qualify for this, visit and complete the required information.

This does not apply if you are renting a vehicle that you do not own.

Are you planning to sell your profile or buy a profile?

Selling / renting out a Profile and “slot” / “software license” or advertising a sale or rental on a public domain such as Gumtree, is not allowed.

Any partner that is identified doing this risks profile deactivation.

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