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Frequently asked questions

In Tanzania

How can we help? Here’s a quick list of the most common questions about driving with Uber.


UberPOA questions

  • What is the new Tuk Tuk product?

    UberPOA will allow new groups of riders to use Uber to move around the city in TukTuk’s at an affordable cost.

  • How is the new UberPOA product good for drivers?

    Drivers are attracted to Uber because of the opportunity to become their own boss. The launch of this new product creates an opportunity for more driver-partners to bring in a vehicle and become their own boss on Uber at an affordable cost.

  • How will the drivers of these Tuk Tuk’s make money if the fares are so low?

    Fares are based on different factors including drivers’ expenses like fuel and vehicle maintenance. Tuk Tuk’s are much smaller vehicles with a high fuel efficiency which greatly reduces the vehicle costs. With lower vehicle costs, the fares on the Tuk Tuk product can be lower without harming the driver’s take home earnings.

    However, it is important to us that Uber remains a stable, reliable earning opportunity for all partners so we will closely monitor driver-partner’s earnings. We remain committed to the success of all Uber partners in Dar Es Salaam!

  • Will the new uberPOA product compete with uberX?

    uberX remains the main product for riders to move around Dar Es Salaam. There will only be a small number of uberPOA vehicles and the product is available to a limited number of riders in certain areas only. In addition, Tuk Tuk’s cannot be used for uberX trips.

Common FAQs partners have

  • How to change or be added to a partner profile?

    If you are looking to change partners, please have the driver fill the form at

    You can find available driver-partners or vehicles on the Uber Fleet Match website

  • How do I change my phone number on my account?

    In the driver application, go to account > profile and change your details.

  • How to add a bank account or credit/ debit card to the platform?

    In the partner or driver application, go to account --> payment --> add bank account and credit or debit card details. The bank account will be used to deposit money from Uber into your account. It will likely take about three days to post to your account.

    The credit or debit card will be used if you are in arrears to Uber due to a high volume of cash trips. The card selected for withdrawals does not need to be linked to the bank account for deposits.

    Struggling to upload a card for cash arrears?

    Some banks require a minimum balance of 20,000 Tsh before your card can be loaded onto the platform. It is also possible that your bank card is not supported.

    Below are debit cards that have successfully worked on the Uber Platform before and that you could consider inputing in your partner app. If you do not have the card, please go to any of the banks listed and request for a card with the corresponding BIN number.

    Card TypeBank NameBIN Number
    VisaFirstrand National Bank Tanzania Ltd464634
    VisaFirstrand National Bank Tanzania Ltd412752
    MastercardFirstrand National Bank Tanzania Ltd535924
    VisaFirstrand National Bank Tanzania Ltd470724
    VisaBarclays Bank Tanzania Ltd453184
    VisaStandard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited486014
    VisaEquity Bank Tanzania Ltd470356
    VisaCrdb Bank Ltd423212
    MastercardExim Bank Tanzania Ltd534226
  • What if my payment statement is incorrect?

    If you believe that the fares collected are incorrect, go to your trip section of your application by clicking the menu on the left. Select the specific trip that you believe has the wrong fare. Click need help --> fare issues. The issue will be resolved and credited to your next payment statement.

  • What if I don't know how to read my payment statement?

    Trip earnings = Total amount paid by riders on your trip - Uber commission (75% of total fares).

    This includes:

    • Trip breakdown fare = total fares paid by riders
    • Breakdown surge = additional revenue earned from an increase in prices caused by surge
    • Tolls = Tolls paid in special venues (e.g., malls, airports)
    • Uber fee = Uber commission

    (+) Miscellaneous earnings earned this week from incentives and reimbursements (likely to be zero)

    (-) Miscellaneous payments owed to Uber (e.g., pre-paid background check fees)

    (-) Cash collected

    = Net bank deposit

    If the net bank deposit is positive, Uber will deposit your cash into the account on the following Thursday. If it is negative, then we will withdraw the money from the credit or debit card you have registered with us on your driver application.

  • How and when payment happens?

    Each pay period begins on Monday at 4am and ends on the following Monday at 3:59am.

    You will receive an email on a Monday with a link to your payment statement. You can also log in to your Partner Dashboard at and click on ‘Pay Statements’ on the lefthand side to see each weekly statement.

    Your earnings are provided via direct deposit into your bank account every Thursday. If you have not yet entered your banking information so that Uber can pay you via direct deposit, you can do so securely at

  • How earnings are calculated?

    The fare you see when you end a trip will not be the final amount you are paid for that trip, it is the total amount that is being charged to the rider. There are two things that make up this number:

    1. Trip Fare: this is based on the time and distance of the trip, the rates can be found by selecting your city here.

    2. Service Fee: There is an Uber Fee associated with each trip, which is applied based on a % of the Trip Fare. The service fee is 25% of all your trip fares. This Uber Fee goes toward the use of the Uber platform, including: support, credit card processing fees, and marketing to drive additional business to you. The Uber Fee is never applied to tolls, for which you receive direct reimbursement in full.

  • How to contact riders?

    1. Select the clipboard icon on the top right
    2. Select "contact"
    3. Select call or message to contact rider

    Call anonymisation

    The number you see listed for the rider is not the rider's actual phone number. For safety purposes Uber uses a number randomization software so that riders and drivers never actually have each

  • How to get support?

    The easiest way to get support is directly within your app. You can access your account information, such as profile information, vehicle information, and more! Follow these easy steps to get help in-app.

    1. From the App home screen, go to "account' then select "help"
    2. Choose a topic to get more detailed support

    Trip issues

    If you have an issue on a trip, you can submit a help request from your trip history. Submitting an issue directly from a trip allows our support team to get you help more quickly! Follow the steps outlined below to submit a help request from your Uber Driver app.

    1. Select Trips from the Help menu, then select which trip you need more help with.

    2. Select your issue type. Depending on the issue type, you may be asked for more information. Enter as much detail as you can so we can resolve your issue quickly!

    Online Support

    Explore additional topics and get answers to frequently asked questions below.

    Get more help >

  • How ratings work?

    Both the rider and driver-partner have a chance to provide a rating and feedback on each trip. After each completed trip, riders are asked to rate their experience on a scale of one to five stars. You will be asked to rate each ride on the same five start scale.

    Providing two-way ratings and feedback allow us to celebrate the riders and drivers who make Uber great. This system also lets us know if the quality of service provided is consistently below Uber's standards.

    • When you first begin driving, your rating may fluctuate quite a bit -- don’t worry, this is normal. As you continue to take trips, your rating will stabilize.
    • You can view your rating on the Uber Driver app under ‘Ratings’. You can also view your rating by logging in to your Partner Dashboard.
    • Only completed trips are rated, so if you or a rider needs to cancel a trip this will never affect your rating.
    • Your rating is based on the average of ratings provided by riders over your last 500 completed trips.

    Driver-partners who fall below Uber’s quality standards may receive warning messages or even have their access to the Uber Driver app discontinued.

    5 Star Pro Tips

    1. Safety first

    Top driver-partners understand the importance of driving safely and in accordance with the rules of the road.

    Riders agree that this keeps them safe and makes them feel comfortable during each trip.

    2. Begin and end the trip on time

    It is best to wait start the trip once the rider has entered your vehicle, and that you end the trip when you arrive at your destination.

    This avoids confusion and ensures that fares are calculated correctly.

    3. Determine the best route

    Riders appreciate being asked their route preference; some may want to direct you, others may prefer you follow the GPS.

    4. Be polite

    Not every rider wants to talk during their ride, but top partners usually offer a friendly greeting.

    Some riders prefer that phone calls be kept to a minimum during trips so you can focus on the road.

    5. A clean car

    Many driver-partners suggest cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis.

    Riders say they appreciate a clean-smelling car. Mild air fresheners can be helpful, but too many or strong scents may be overwhelming

    6. Choose media wisely

    Top driver-partners ask riders if they would like to listen to music on their trip.

    If they do not have a preference, riders appreciate when your selection does not have any content that might be offensive.

  • What is Uber Fraud Policy?

    It is important to know what to look for to avoid any fraudulent trips. Involvement in a fraudulent trip can cause your fare to be adjusted to zero and possible deactivation

    Explaining Fraud

    The overwhelming majority of our trips on the Uber platform are incident-free. However, it’s always good to know what to look out for to avoid any potential scams.

    Here are some key principles:

    • Trips should not be pre-arranged between Riders and Drivers. In certain circumstances, this can be considered collusion.
    • Collusion is an agreement between two or more people to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others (in this case Uber) to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage. Fraud is the deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain.
    • The purpose of fraud may be monetary gain or other benefits, such as pre-arranging a trip when the rider has no other purpose than to assist the driver getting paid by Uber AND when they have no intention to pay the fare.
    • All legitimate payments on Uber take place through our app. If a Rider messages you outside of the Uber platform and asks you to contact them off-site to arrange a trip, be very suspicious of this behaviour. Riders use Uber as an on-demand service and call the closest car for the best experience. Riders who pre-arrange trips can sometimes have other intentions, such as using fake rider accounts or stolen credit card details. If you take part in pre-arranging trips with these sorts of riders, Uber may have to adjust the trip fare to zero and take action against both you and the rider. This can be considered fraud through collusion between the Rider and Driver.

    We do understand that there may be fraudulent trips/riders that as the Driver, you are not aware of and have no control over. Our intention is not to make Drivers nervous about doing trips but to rather encourage them to report suspicious behaviour and avoid taking part in fraudulent trips. When a Driver pre-arranges a trip they open yourself up to this risk.

    We encourage you to report riders who request to do pre-arranged trips.

    Paying and communicating only through the Uber platform is vital to making every trip experience as positive and secure as possible. If your transaction happens offline and we have no record of it, it is almost impossible for us to assist you.

    Keep your account secure, be cautious of strange links in messages from other users, even ones you know, as their accounts may have been compromised. If you suspect that you have received a “phishing” message, immediately report it at and end communication with the sender.

    We also recommend you take advantage of verifications and other features we’ve made with your trust and safety in mind.

  • What is Uber Safety Policy?

    No Random Pick-Ups, So You Feel At Ease

    Before riding with Uber, riders are required to create an account with their personal and payment information — and rides can only be requested through the app, so there’s a detailed record of every customer and every trip.

    Drivers Rate Riders Too

    You rate your rider after every trip. It is a violation of the code of conduct when any rider behavior makes drivers concerned for their safety or the safety of their vehicles.

    Important safety reminders

    • Confirm you are picking up the right rider. Ask the rider to confirm his or her name before beginning a trip, especially in high-traffic areas.
    • Need to contact your rider? Call or text the rider through the app using an anonymised phone number, without ever sharing or receiving any personal information.
    • On occasion, individuals may ask you to give them a ride outside of the Uber system for cash - this is known as a ‘street hail’. The Uber system does not enable partners to accept street hails, and picking up passengers who haven’t requested through the app is both illegal and dangerous for riders and drivers. Drivers who violate this policy will be deactivated.
  • How does surge work?

    Dynamic pricing maps will help make finding the highest demand and getting more trips easier than ever.

    Instead of seeing large red areas on your Partner app, you will now see exactly where the highest demand & greatest need for more cars is.

    Areas mold and shape directly where Surge is needed, meaning less wasted driving guessing where demand is and more trips.

    Dynamic Pricing Maps are improving every day, bringing you lower ETAs and more information on where trips can be found at any time.

  • What does surge look like?

    Zooming in close to a surging area will reveal the exact multiplier for trips requested from that area.

    The darkest-red areas have the highest prices and demand, showing exactly where the best place to drive is.

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