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Tracking your earnings

Understanding your earnings can help you plan your day. The app has resources that can help you keep track of your earnings, see totals in real time, get details about a specific trip, compare earnings by week, and more.

    • How to see your daily earnings
    • Where to get the details
    • How to view your weekly summary
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How fares are calculated

You'll earn based on the time and distance of each trip.

  • Base fare is based on the time and distance driven per trip.

  • Check the heat map in your app to find out when and where rider demand is high, so you can potentially earn more.

  • Your time is valuable. When a rider cancels more than 5 minutes after you've accepted their trip, you'll be paid either the standard cancellation fee or the actual time and distance you spent driving toward the pickup, whichever amount is more.

  • This fee helps fund things like app development, customer support, and payment processing.

  • Riders pay a booking fee to help cover safety, regulatory, and operational costs such as insurance.


How toll fees work

You can see your toll amount in the Earnings section in your app. It will also appear in your weekly statement. Uber’s service fee is not applied to tolls. If an electronic toll pass is available in your area, it can help you breeze through toll booths.

Once you complete a trip, if you don't see the toll in your trip details, you can request a toll review. Go to Help, select Trip Issues and Adjustments, then Issues with my fare, and choose My toll or parking fee wasn't included in my fare.

More earnings information

The app can help you be efficient with your time on the road.

  • Earnings vary weekly and monthly. They depend on the number of trips you take, where and when you drive, and other factors. For a closer look at how earnings are calculated, go here.

  • The app has powerful features to help you make the most of your time on the road. Trip Planner lets you see upcoming promotions and hourly trends to inform you of potential earning opportunities nearby.


Frequently asked questions

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