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Information about back-to-back trips

After a few trips with Uber, you may start getting new ride requests while you’re still on a trip. By accepting these back-to-back trips, you’ll spend more time earning and less time waiting.

Steps for completing a back-to-back trip

Here’s what to know when your app starts showing you back-to-back requests:

1. When a ride request appears and the details look good to you, tap to accept.

2. The dark blue line on the map shows where to go to drop off your current rider.

3. The light blue line shows how to get to your next rider.

How back-to-back trips can help you earn more

By accepting a future trip while on a current one, you’ll spend more of your time online making money rather than waiting for your next trip.

Questions from drivers

  • Most types of trips can appear back to back, including UberX and more.

  • There’s nothing you need to do to enable back-to-back trip requests. They’ll begin to appear automatically.

  • Most drivers begin seeing these trips in their app within a few days of driving.

  • Your rider will get a message saying that their driver is completing a nearby trip. Everything else about the rider’s experience will look exactly like any other trip.

  • Just tap Go Offline on the map when you don’t want to get trip requests anymore. To start receiving trip requests again, tap GO.

Drive your way in the app

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