Meet some of our Driver Partners

July 21, 2019 / Saudi Arabia

Every one of our partners has a story that drives them. Here, we share some of their stories so we can get a glimpse into some of the people who take us where we need to go.


Mishari works in banking and drives with Uber. An adventurist, Mishari loves to stay active. From group bike rides to running, as long as he’s moving, he’s happy. Driving with Uber gives him the flexibility to convert his free time into an income all while moving around the city he loves: Riyadh.


Tareq works as an area manager in retail and drives with Uber. A night owl, Tareq spends his evenings editing videos, his favourite passtime. Driving with Uber means he’s in charge of his own time, so he can pursue his hobby and explore the streets of the ever-evolving city of Riyadh.


Khaleel is a sales representative and drives with Uber. He loses himself in woodworking and carpentry, coming alive when he creates a new piece. Driving with Uber has given him the freedom to be his own boss. He grew up in Riyadh, and he loves that he gets a new perspective on its vibrant streets.


Abdulaziz works in the government sector and drives with Uber. He loves nothing more than to lose himself in a good book, winding his way through the pages of history. Driving with Uber allows him to meet new people and exchange thoughts and ideas in the inspiring streets of Riyadh.


Bandr is a hotel reservations clerk and drives with Uber. He finds his peace of mind when he’s drawing, an outlet that keeps him positive. Driving with Uber gives him the independence he needs to pursue his passion and a supplemental income that helped fund his education.
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