Celebrating Saudi National Day

September 22, 2016 / Saudi Arabia

National Day is almost here and we’re getting excited for the festivities, fireworks and flags!

With our new 20% lower prices, there is no excuse to stay at home. We’ve also teamed up with Anghami to bring you the best Saudi tunes to play on your way to our favorite places for National Day.


Najd Village, Riyadh
Step back in time and get a taste of true Saudi hospitality as you enjoy traditional dishes like Jareesh and Saleeg.

Palm Garden, Jeddah
As the weather starts to cool down, it’s tempting to enjoy a meal outside. This Jeddah institution offers a variety of traditional dishes. Our favorites are the mutabbaq and manto.

Heritage Village, Dammam
A museum and restaurant where you can explore the culture, history and cuisine of multiple regions in Saudi without having to get on a plane. We have to say, the chicken kabsa is hard to resist.

Museums and Historical Districts

The National Museum, Riyadh
Take the opportunity to learn about the beginning of this great country. Open on National Day, the Museum displays fascinating antiques from the country’s past.

Albalad, Jeddah
From the tiny old streets to the amazing architecture, discover the rich history of Albalad district. Don’t waste time looking for parking. Explore Jeddah’s history and let us take you to one of the oldest places to visit in the Kingdom.  

Aramco Exhibit, Dhahran
One of the best museums in the country. Learn about the history of oil in Saudi Arabia, the modern oil industry and exciting new innovations.

Saudi National Day Playlist brought to you by Anghami

Celebrate Saudi Arabia with a patriotic playlist. Dance, sing or just hum to your favorite songs about our beautiful country.

Happy Saudi National Day!

Team Uber KSA