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Celebrating Women in Fitness this International Women’s Day

March 7, 2017 / Riyadh

This week we are honored to bring you stories of incredible Saudi women who pursue their passion for health, sports, and fitness. We are proud to share with you their journeys, challenges, and advice.

Meet Haya Sawan.

Fitness is a big part of Haya’s life. She has been working out since high school, throughout her university years and all the way through both her pregnancies.

“It has helped me become stronger, and as a mother, it has made a huge difference.”

Haya views fitness as part of her lifestyle and not just a way towards a temporary goal. She has always been passionate about making a difference in other people’s lives through fitness. She focuses on teaching women to enjoy fitness and make it a regular part of their lives: “Once you start enjoying it, you will never stop! All it needs is commitment to get results!”.

“You will find what you enjoy.”

For those hesitant to get into sports and fitness, Haya has no shortage of advice: “
I would tell them to go for it! Fitness is such a broad spectrum and you will find what you enjoy!”

With the recent popularity of ride-hailing and increased accessibility to transportation, there are no excuses. Haya finds that apps have made it easier for women to move and maintain their daily routines without any worries.