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A compliment can go a long way

May 29, 2018 / Saudi Arabia

Whether it’s returning something forgotten in the backseat, helping you with your suitcase, or just giving you the chance to relax on the way home, partner-drivers work hard to get you from A to B.

We introduced compliments to make it easier for riders to thank their drivers when 5 stars just isn’t enough. When a rider leaves a compliment, a notification shows up on the driver’s home screen letting them know.


This Ramadan, with so many amazing driver-partners, your feedback is more important than ever. Make sure you rate your ride, and if you’re happy leave a compliment – because every week during Ramadan, we will be recognizing driver-partners who go above and beyond.

How it works:

  • Easy peasy – open up the Uber app and request a ride
  • At the end of your trip, rate your driver on the five-star scale.
  • You can also leave a compliment by tapping one of the compliment icons.