We have made some exciting changes in Auckland and Wellington

April 19, 2016 / Auckland

We want to tell you about some of the changes we’re making to the way we do things in Auckland and Wellington.  

Prices are now 20% less!

First off, from today, we are reducing uberX prices in Auckland and Wellington by 20%! These are our lowest uberX prices ever in New Zealand, and they make uberX your everyday option to get from A to B.

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Disclaimer: The fares shown are estimates based on travel from Mt Eden to Airport, and Railway Station to Newtown respectively. Uber fare estimates are based on travel at 4pm on a working Thursday, using Uber’s standard pricing. Estimate indicative only; actual fare may differ. On average fares will now be 20% lower.

Not only will this make it more affordable for you to get where you need to go, but from past experience, for driver-partners, higher demand for rides means more time moving people, less time spent waiting around and more money in their back pocket.

So whether you’re travelling out to the airport or home from a night out in town, your uberX ride is even more affordable, so get riding!

Driving on the Uber platform

We have also heard from thousands of New Zealanders that the processes to get on the Uber platform can take far too long and cost too much. Today that changes. We are introducing new processes that cut the cost of getting on the road to $20 and take only around six days to complete, making flexible earning opportunities for residents in Auckland and Wellington even more accessible.

We will continue to ensure that every driver-partner has passed a criminal background check from the Ministry of Justice and a driving history check from the New Zealand Transport Agency before they can drive on the Uber platform, but have removed the necessity for a commercial licence.  Additionally, all vehicles coming onto the platform from today must be 2006 or newer, have at least private third party property damage insurance which in that case is also backed up by Uber’s own contingent liability insurance cover, and hold a current Warrant of Fitness.

For more information on our safety process, click here.

Riders in Auckland and Wellington will continue to be able to get  a safe, reliable and affordable ride at the tap of a button and should see no difference to their Uber experience, only a lower cost on their ride receipt!

Additional Wellington Price Updates

The $25 flat fare from Wellington Airport to the CBD, has also been removed. Any trips on this route will now be priced on regular uberX prices, so you can enjoy your trip, with a few extra dollars in your pocket! The cancellation fee on a trip in Wellington has now increased from $5 to $10.

Uber on Auckland and Wellington!