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Handy tips for the perfect Uber pickup

July 23, 2019 / Netherlands

To the app

We Dutch like to arrive on time for an appointment – and preferably without too much hassle. That’s why the Uber app is designed to make getting picked up and communicating with your driver before your ride as easy as possible. Here are just a few tips for a comfortable and carefree Uber pickup and ride.

perfecte Uber pick-up

Check your driver

In the driver profile, you can view the name and a photo of your driver as well as the brand, make and license plate of their car. With this info, you can immediately recognize your ride and your driver when they arrive.

In the profile, you can also read compliments and ratings they’ve received from other customers and see how many stars they have. You’ll also find a few interesting facts about your driver in their profile, handy for when you need to break the ice.

After requesting the ride, you can check these details for the driver who has accepted the ride. That way you can always know that you’re getting into the right car with the right person, simplifying the start of your journey.

Change your pickup location

We all know plans can sometimes change at the last minute – and we’re ready for that. That’s why you can easily change your pick-up location if, for example, you put it down in the wrong place or want to be picked up at another location for whatever reason.

You can change your pickup location by tapping on your currently selected pickup location, and then entering a new address. You can also simply drag the pin on the map to change the pickup location. The data is automatically sent directly to the driver’s app, so you can be sure that they’ll know where to find you.

een perfecte Uber pick-up

Consult with your driver

With pickup notes, you can give your driver extra details before the pickup. For example, you can let them know what kind of jacket you’re wearing so that they can easily recognize you in a busy street. It’s a quick and easy way to give them any info they might need to help you start your journey as smoothly as possible.

After requesting a ride, tap “Add pickup notes?” You can select from several pre-written messages or write your own – then just hit “Send”. Your driver will receive your message immediately.

Share your location

By using the Uber share location feature, you can let your driver know exactly where you are. With this function, your driver will always be able to find you while you’re on the way to the pick-up location.

All you need to do to activate it is to tap the grey symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the map screen. If the button turns blue, that means you’ve successfully shared your location.

When your driver arrives at the pick-up location, he will be able to check your location to see where you are in relation to them. Of course, the feature will be deactivated once you’re on your way.

Note: You can toggle Uber location sharing on and off by going to “Settings”, selecting “Privacy Settings”, “Location” and then “Share Live Location”.

een perfecte Uber pick-up

Try out our Uber pickup features on your next Uber pickup, wherever it is you’re heading. When you ride with us, you can be sure that your ride from A to B will be as easy and comfortable as possible.

Happy riding!