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Discover different ways to pay your ride

June 26, 2020 / Netherlands

At Uber, we strive to make your ride as comfortable and smooth as possible – and that, of course, also includes payments. You can pay quickly and easily in the app with Apple Pay, iDEAL and your credit card, but there are also other payment options. So, it’s time for a quick guide to payment options in the Uber app in the Netherlands.

Pay with Apple Pay

Do you have an iPhone? Then it is also possible to pay for trips with Apple Pay. If Apple Pay is already installed on your phone, it will automatically be added to your Uber account.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your Apple Pay account to a bank that supports Apple Pay.
  2. Go to Menu > Wallet > Payment methods > Add payment method. Is the Apple Pay logo not showing up? Update your Uber app and make sure the correct debit card is connected to your Apple Pay account. 
  3. When you book a trip, choose Apple Pay as payment method.
  4. When you order the trip, you will be asked to confirm with Face ID or Touch ID.
  5. Complete the transaction with Apple Pay.

New Apple Pay user?

Apple Pay is available for all customers of most banks in the Netherlands. Click here for an overview.

Setting up Apple Pay is easy. Once installed, Apple Pay will automatically be added to your Uber app. 

How to install Apple Pay

Pay with iDEAL

You can now book and pay for your rides with iDEAL, just like you’re used to for payments you make online.

Follow these steps in the Uber app to set this up:

  1. Go to Menu > Wallet > Payment methods > Add payment method and follow the instructions to activate iDEAL.
  2. When you book a ride, choose iDEAL as payment method.
  3. Complete the transaction with iDEAL.

Good to know:

  • You can only use iDEAL on trips in the Netherlands.
  • You will be asked to pay ahead of your trip. If the trip price changes – for example, if the destination is changed or the trip is cancelled – you will be refunded within ~3 days. If your ride is longer than expected, you will be asked to pay the outstanding amount before your next trip.

Pay with PayPal

To add PayPal as a payment method, follow these steps in the Uber app:

  1. Go to Menu > Wallet > Payment methods > Add payment method.
  2. Select PayPal and go through the verification steps.
  3. When booking a trip, choose PayPal as a payment method.
  4. Complete the transaction with PayPal.

Pay with Credit Card

Do you want to add a credit card?

  1. Go to Menu > Wallet > Payment methods > Add payment method.
  2. You can scan your card with your phone camera or enter your details manually.
  3. When booking a trip, choose the card as payment method. The payment will automatically be charged.

Change your card details? You can change the expiration date, CVV number, and zip code of a credit card’s billing address. You can’t update your credit card number, but you can remove a card from your account and then add a new one. Make sure that your details are always up-to-date and use your current email address, telephone number and bank details.

Do you want to know more about how you can pay Uber or do you have specific questions? Then go to our help page for account and payment options.

Happy riding!