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Now in the Uber app you can plan your trip by public transport

October 5 / Netherlands

Uber is introducing public transportation routing in the Uber app. The ride information will be visible under the “Public transport” feature in the Uber app. This will allow users – in addition to the ridehailing services already available in the app – to plan their trip by bus, train, streetcar, subway or on foot.

Through the “Public transport” feature, riders in the Amsterdam region can plan their entire trip from A to B in the Uber app. At the touch of a button, riders receive a detailed travel itinerary that takes them to their destination. The app shows available public transportation routes, real-time departure and arrival times of bus, metro, streetcar and even walks by foot. This allows users to compare and possibly combine their travel and transportation options.

Maurits Schönfeld, director of Northern Europe at Uber, is excited about the new feature in the Uber app: “When you’re out and about, you need to have the best user experience at your fingertips with every ride. We are excited to offer users, directly from our app, access to all public transportation route information. With this addition to ride hailing, Uber continues to invest and innovate for better accessibility.”

This new feature allows users to make the best use of mobility options in greater Amsterdam. With the new feature, Uber also aims to help combat traffic congestion and air pollution in the capital city. As a trip planner, the “Public transport” feature contributes to Uber’s long-term goal of reducing private car ownership by providing riders with accessible, reliable and affordable options. The feature will also be made available to the rest of the Netherlands in the coming period.