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How does Uber work? All advantages at a glance

You’ve probably read or heard about Uber. If you’re going out or when you’re at a party, there are always some people using the Uber app. We’ve put a few things together for new Uber riders, so you know exactly where you stand. We are convinced that once you start using Uber, you won’t want anything else.

Uber is always available
You’re at a party, it’s just before midnight. You look at your watch for the umpteenth time. You really must catch that last bus, but there’s still so much happening, and you haven’t even finished your drink yet. All of that will soon be history. With Uber, you can party 24/7 without worrying about making your way home!

Sharing a ride with friends
Often, it’s not just you going to the party, so why not share your ride with friends? During the ride, you can share the cost with up to three passengers thanks to the ‘Split Fare’ function. Going out with a big group? Be sure to request UberVAN, which can fit up to seven people.

Get on your way faster with Saved Places
There are always places you visit regularly. Your favourite coffee shop, your workplace, your parents or friends’ house – the list goes on. You can save these addresses in the Uber app, this way you can reach your destination even faster with the push of a button.

Let others know where you are
You are on your way to a festival and you’ve agreed to meet with friends at the entrance. However, it’s slightly busier on the road than usual and you’re experiencing some delay. Fortunately, you can use the ‘Send Status’ function to keep your friends up to date on your exact location, meaning that no one has to wait around unnecessarily. So, sit back, relax and enjoy a stress-free ride.

How does Uber work?
It’s simple, really: Three steps and you’re on your way. Download the app, create an account and enter your destination. How easy is that? But how much does Uber actually cost? The good thing is that you’ll always see the fare in advance, so you know exactly where you’re up to. Moreover, you get to see a picture of the driver and information about the car so that your trip from A to B is effortless. Do you want to know more about your driver? In the Uber app, you can view compliments, facts and reviews. This way you’ll get to know your driver better and enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable ride.

After the ride, you can rate your driver with one to five stars, and you can also leave (anonymous) feedback. With this data, we can improve our services in order for every ride to become a five-star experience.

There is, of course, a lot more to discover. Check our website for even more Uber rider benefits. Wherever you are, Uber is always there for you.