Solving common problems: here’s how we can help you

July 15, 2019 / Netherlands

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The Uber app is designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, but we understand that you might still run into problems from time-to-time. Sometimes this might be caused by a technical failure, but often it can be a misunderstanding. So, here we’ll look at some of Uber problems riders report most often how they can be prevented or solved.

From forgotten passwords to unrecognized charge on your account, these are the most common Uber problems.

I can’t log into my Uber account

Between your email, social media and other online accounts, it can be challenging to keep track of all your passwords. If you’ve forgotten your Uber account password, that’s not a problem. You can reset your password online and via the app by selecting “Forgot Password?“. Then, just enter your email address and an email with a reset link will be sent to you immediately. Once changed, you should be able to login again.

Still unable to access your account? Whatever the cause, you can contact Uber customer service directly to resolve it. Once you’ve answered some security questions to verify, we can resolve any issues with your account and return all access to you.

My promo code isn’t working

When you share your referral code with a friend and they make their first ride, you get a discount on your next ride. To be able to apply this discount, it is important that you enter the promo code before you request a ride. You can easily add a promocode by navigating to ‘payments’ in your Uber app. If you forget to do this, the discount will unfortunately not apply. It is also possible that the promotional code your trying to use has expired.

Do you want to see an overview of promo codes and discounts that are currently applicable to your account? Then select “Promotions” in the app menu. Still have a problem? Contact us directly to resolve the issue through the app or online.

There are unknown payments on my account

Has a charge been made to your account that you do not recognize? There are a few possible causes for this. It is possible that the payment is still being processed, which often means that an authorization amount is being held that will ultimately simply be refunded. It is also possible that a friend or family member has used your account, or perhaps the accounts of you and your partner are linked? Or, it could be a cancellation fee, but we’ll tell you more about that later.

If you cannot explain the unknown payment in any way, give us the details so we can resolve the issues. If you send us the date of the transaction, the amount, your account details and a screenshot of the unknown amount, we can investigate the situation and sort it out for you – our customer service team is always able to help.

I have been charged for a cancelled ride

You are always able to cancel an Uber ride, but if you cancel after your ride request has been accepted by a driver, you might be charged a cancellation fee. We do this to compensate drivers for the lost time. To avoid being charged a cancellation fee, it is important that you request a ride only when you are sure that you and your friends are ready to go. You can find more information about cancellation costs on our Help pages.

These are four of the most common Uber problems, but as you can see they are all easily preventable. Do you want to know more about possible problems and how you can solve them? Check out our help pages for more information.