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Introducing Weekend Getaways with UberIntercity

March 5, 2019 / India

Here comes the weekend again, and with it, so many plans! Here’s a chance to redefine the way you spend the most fun days of the week with Weekend Getaways from UberIntercity. Set aside your usual binge-watching and boring hangouts, and hit the road instead! The best part? Just pack your bags and get your gang together—UberIntercity will take care of the rest.

Here’s how can request an UberIntercity:

1. Fire up your Uber app and enter destination.

2. Select car type and check fare estimate.

3. Pack your bags! Bon Voyage!

Tolls, parking charges, and UberIntercity fares to be paid directly in cash.



Fares starting

Delhi to Agra ₹2449
Delhi to Chandigarh ₹2449
Delhi to Jaipur ₹2749
Lucknow to Kanpur ₹1449
Prayagraj to Varanasi ₹2699
Agra to Delhi ₹2549
Agra to Mathura ₹1349
Agra to Vrindavan ₹1499
Mumbai to Pune ₹1749
Pune to Mumbai ₹1749
Chandigarh to Delhi ₹2399
Jaipur to Delhi ₹3099
Jaipur to Ajmer ₹1399
Ahmedabad to Baroda ₹1350
Kolkata to Mayapur ₹2949
Kolkata to Barrackpore ₹749
Kolkata to Santiniketan ₹3699
Kochi to Thrissur ₹999
Thrissur to Kochi ₹999
Chennai to Pondicherry ₹1999
Pondicherry to Chennai ₹1999
Bangalore to Mysore ₹2000
Mysore to Bangalore ₹2250
Chennai to Mahabalipuram ₹799
Chennai to Vellore ₹1799
Chennai to Kanchipuram ₹949
Chennai to Tirupati ₹1849
Ludhiana to Chandigarh ₹999
Chandigarh to Ludhiana ₹999