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Staying safe and helping others this festival season

July 12, 2019 / United Kingdom

Festival season is here and we’re working with UK SAYS NO MORE to take a stand against sexual violence and harassment.

Last summer, 1 in 5 festival goers in the UK were sexually assaulted or harassed*. Together with UK SAYS NO MORE, we’re committed to driving awareness, education and prevention of sexual assault.

Thousands of Uber journeys are taken to and from festivals every year and we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy the music. If you see someone in distress, step in and offer to help.

Read on for how you can help keep yourself and others safe this festival season.

Advice from UK SAYS NO MORE

A stranger becomes a friend with two words: You okay?

Get involved. If you see someone in distress, step in. Be a friend to someone who needs it – make sure they’re okay and help them find their friends so they can go home together.

“It’s probably nothing” is usually something

Trust Your Gut. If a situation doesn’t feel right, be a friend – enlist help to create a distraction while you check in with the person you’re concerned about.

If you’re close enough to feel their discomfort, you’re close enough to offer help

Enlist Allies. If you notice someone feeling uncomfortable, find a friend or an employee working nearby to help you safely intervene and help the person find their friends.

If your friend should call it a night, help them get home

Step In. If your friend has had a few too many, be a stand-up friend – step in, book a car, and go home together. Always check your licence plate, car details and match your driver’s details. Make sure to call out your friend’s concerning behaviour the next day.

We’re proud to be supporting UK SAYS NO MORE – a national campaign to raise awareness of domestic and sexual violence. This is part of our global commitment to use Uber’s scope and visibility to drive awareness, education, and prevention of sexual violence.

For more information and resources, and to take UK SAYS NO MORE’s pledge to help end sexual assault and harassment in your community, click here.

*Data provided by 2018 YouGov survey, via The Guardian.