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Tips and advice for new drivers with Uber

October 15, 2019 / United Kingdom

Driving with Uber means making money on your own schedule and setting hours that suit you and your lifestyle best. As exciting as it is to take the plunge and start driving via the Uber app, we imagine it can be a little daunting at first.

So, if you are just starting out or you’re thinking about joining and want to know what it takes to be a driver with Uber, we’ve got some advice for you.

Get to know the Uber driver app

The Uber driver app will be your partner on the road for almost everything you’ll do as a driver with Uber – so getting familiar with it is our number one tip for new drivers.

From quickly matching with riders and locating them via GPS, to keeping track of your daily and weekly earnings, there are a host of features to help make driving with Uber as convenient and rewarding as possible. Give yourself a head-start by seeing how it all works.Driving in the city

Driving in the city

If you are new to a particular city, or this is your first time driving via the Uber app, it can pay to plan out some routes in advance. Map out the easiest routes around popular destinations and transport hubs and have an alternate route prepared, just in case you need to avoid construction or roadworks.

City driving doesn’t just mean navigating traffic congestion, it also means more non-vehicle road users. To keep you, your passengers, and other road users as safe as possible, keep your eyes peeled for motorbikes, motorised scooters, cyclists, and even mobility scooters.

Making the most of your time

Like anyone setting their own schedule, time management is hugely important to getting the most out of driving with Uber. Finding the best times to drive in your local area might take a little trial and error, but we do have some general tips for new drivers on maximising your time.

Although you are free to choose if, when and where you drive, you are more likely to take trips rides and earn money if you drive at peak times. There are generally more riders looking for trips each morning from 5 am, and in the evening, from around 10 pm, when people have finished their evening meal and are looking for a ride home.

Getting that 5-star rating

A consistent 5-star rating shows that you have gone above and beyond to make sure your rider has had the best possible experience. If you are new to driving with Uber, don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as sounds.

According to our riders, one of the quickest ways to earn your 5-star rating is with a smile! Attitude is important to most riders and a friendly approach makes people feel safer and more relaxed. Engaging with talkative riders also helps, as they’ll be more likely to give you a 5-star rating if you chat to them about their day.

Uber accessorising

Whilst you don’t want to clutter your car with lots of gadgets, a few well-placed accessories can improve life on the road and help you get to grips with the tips above.

If you’re using the Uber driver app to connect with riders, make sure you have an in-car phone charger. Running out of battery can mean fewer rides, so make sure your phone is charged and ready.

Setting up a phone mount or cradle will also help for ease of use while on the road. Something as simple as an AUX cord to connect a rider’s phone to your speakers can help you keep passengers satisfied.

Driving with Uber is all about being a self-starter, and with our tips and advice for new drivers with Uber, you should have the tools to help you maximise your time, earnings, and chances of getting your 5-star rating.