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Four car accessories for drivers to improve life on the road

July 1 / United Kingdom

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When it comes to life on the road, small changes can have a significant impact on your comfort and enjoyment. Here are our top four car accessories for drivers to make your ride as comfortable and safe as possible. 

Get extra visibility with blind spot mirrors

Even if you’re sure you check them, keeping your blind spots covered is  always important. Whether you’re changing lanes on the motorway or keeping an eye out for cyclists in city centres, attaching a set of blind spot mirrors allows you to get extra visibility for safe manoeuvres. Considering how potentially useful they are, they’re an incredibly low-cost and easy car accessory for drivers to install.

Keep spirits high with an aux cord

Avoid that song you’ve already heard 10 times today on the radio and let your passengers be your DJ instead, by keeping an aux cord in the car. It’s one of the more obvious things to keep in your car, but most riders love the opportunity to listen to their own tunes – and it gives you the chance to discover new music. Going that extra mile to make your riders happy is also the kind of thing that’ll earn you those 5-star ratings.

Tip: Make sure your aux cord is long enough to stretch to the backseats, so that it can be used by riders without tangling in the middle of the car.

Keep off the drizzle with a rain repellent 

A good rain repellent can help boost your visibility in wet conditions and enhance safety on the road. It adds a super-slick coating so that rain just beads and runs off, reducing wiper use. These products can also keep your side, rear glass and wing mirrors cleaner for longer – especially useful on busy rainy days when riders want to dodge the weather.

Stay online with phone chargers

There’s no use setting up your phone in a mount or hands-free kit if it runs out of battery – make sure you keep it charged with a car-enabled charger cable. Phone charges are one of the simplest and best car gadgets, but there are a few options to consider: 

  • Having a USB converter will let you and your riders plug in a variety of cables, or chargers for other devices 
  • Getting a magnetic cable means your charger won’t slip out of your phone whilst you drive
  • Cable holders can ensure your charger cable won’t fall or get tangled underneath the seat

Of course, every partner-driver has their own favourite car gadgets and accessories, from air fresheners and fans to steering wheel covers and phone accessories. Every now and then, consider what you have on board, and think about how you could improve the driving experience for yourself and your riders.