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Learn about uberASSIST

Accessibility options

With uberASSIST, drivers provide a helping hand at the beginning and end of each ride to those needing assistance. It's a great way to earn while helping ensure more people are enabled to get around our city. Find out about driving with the uberASSIST option here.

Why drive

Benefits of uberASSIST

Additional trips

By driving with uberASSIST you can make the most of your time behind the wheel. Receive requests from more potential riders; those who feel more comfortable with an extra hand entering and exiting the vehicle.

15% Service fee

While uberASSIST is priced the same as uberX, the service fee you pay to Uber is lower. We charge a 15% service fee on uberASSIST trips vs. 25% on uberX trips.

Help your community

There are many reasons why people may need help entering and exiting a vehicle, whether it's an injury or perhaps a personal preference. Being there to give someone the extra hand they need helps them have an easier way to explore the city.

More information

About uberASSIST

What is uberASSIST?

UberASSIST is an extension of uberX designed to provide a more specialized service for anyone who needs an extra hand. Driver-partners are certified by third-party organizations on how to assist riders with different accessibility-related needs.

How does it work?

As an uberASSIST qualified partner, you'll be providing your riders with a helping hand at the beginning and end of the trip. For example, people hard of seeing, people who use walking aids or wheelchairs.

This assistance does not extend beyond the door of their home. Drivers are not expected to lift or carry their passenger or act as a caregiver.

Getting started

What are the requirements?

You are required to have:

  • A rating of 4.7+
  • A minimum of 100 completed trips
  • Accepted vehicle qualifications (vans and SUVs are not accepted on this platform)
  • Verification of knowledge and/or experience to ensure that you can assist differently abled riders

Demonstrating your abilities

You can demonstrate your abilities in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Invitations will be sent to drivers who meet specific driving criteria. Drivers must then complete Tracy Schmitt's online education course to ensure they are capable of providing this service. Tracy is a third party accessibility coach and advocate with years of experience in accessibility education and training.
  2. Partners must have completed 1+ hours of formal accessibility education within the past 5 years (proof of completion is required).
  3. Partners have worked 1+ years as a paratransit or other specialized transportation provider (proof of completion is required).

All partners must complete the knowledge assessment with a score of >80% to ensure that they are qualified to provide this service.

FAQ's about uberASSIST

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What fares do I get for an uberASSIST trip?

  • Fares for uberASSIST will match uberX, however, the service fee driver-partners pay to Uber is only 15 percent.

2. Will I still receive uberX requests?

  • Yes, you will receive your regular uberX requests along with uberASSIST requests.

3. Do I have to allow service animals in the car?

  • Yes, regardless of whether it is an uberASSIST or uberX trip, you must allow service animals in your vehicle in accordance with law

4. Can I opt out of uberASSIST trips?

  • If you no longer wish to receive uberASSIST trips, you can easily opt-out by writing in at

5. Is there insurance if a rider is accidentally injured as I'm helping them to or from the car?

  • Riders are generally protected by Uber's commercial liability insurance while entering and exiting vehicles at their requested pickup and drop off locations. Always take the necessary precautions to ensure the rider is ok in the event of a fall.

6. What if my vehicle isn't big enough to hold my rider's mobility equipment?

  • All vehicles should be able to accommodate an assistive device, such as a folding wheelchair or scooter. If your vehicle cannot safely fit your rider’s assistive device, you can cancel the trip and email us at to let us know why and avoid a cancellation fee.

7. Where can I learn more about assisting people with disabilities?

  • Find out more by visiting Tracy's website and watching any of her uberASSIST Online Education Course videos.

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