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Assist provides extra assistance to people with different accessibility needs, including those living with disability, seniors, pregnant women, and people who are injured or ill.

What is Uber Assist?

Assist is designed for those who require additional assistance, such as the elderly and people with disabilities. Drivers must be specifically trained to assist riders into vehicles and only the highest-rated drivers have the opportunity to drive with Assist.

Benefits of Uber Assist

Additional trips

By driving with Uber Assist you can make the most of your time behind the wheel. Receive requests from more potential riders; those who feel more comfortable with an extra hand entering and exiting the vehicle.

15% Service fee

While Uber Assist is priced the same as UberX, the service fee you pay to Uber is lower. We charge a 15% service fee on Uber Assist trips vs. 25% on UberX trips.

Help your community

There are many reasons why people may need help entering and exiting a vehicle, whether it's an injury or perhaps a personal preference. Being there to give someone the extra hand they need helps them have an easier way to explore the city.

Getting started


  • Rating of 4.7+
  • Minimum of 100 completed trips
  • Accepted vehicle qualifications (vans and SUVs are not accepted on this platform)
  • Verification of knowledge and/or experience to ensure that you can assist differently abled riders

Demonstrating your abilities

You can demonstrate your abilities in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Invitations will be sent to drivers who meet specific driving criteria. Drivers must then complete Tracy Schmitt's online education course to ensure they are capable of providing this service. Tracy is a third party accessibility coach and advocate with years of experience in accessibility education and training.
  2. Drivers must have completed 1+ hours of formal accessibility education within the past 5 years (proof of completion is required).
  3. Drivers have worked 1+ years as a paratransit or other specialized transportation provider (proof of completion is required).

All drivers must complete the knowledge assessment with a score of >80% to ensure that they are qualified to provide this service.

Serving people with different needs

Different people have different needs. You can offer great service to your riders by learning the best way to assist them.

Helping people who use wheelchairs or scooters

Knowing how to store wheelchairs and scooters helps people with limited mobility to feel welcome and independent in your car.

Helping people who are blind

You can assist people who are blind or have vision impairment by offering to guide them to your car.

Helping people who are deaf

You can help people who are deaf or have hearing impairment by being patient and using visual communication.

Helping people with service animals

You can help people with service animals by welcoming their companions into your car. In most circumstances, you are required by law to accommodate service animals.

Helping people who are elderly or pregnant

You can help people who are elderly or pregnant by offering them additional assistance into your car.


  • Fares for Assist are the same as fares for UberX.

  • Yes, you will continue to receive your regular UberX requests along with Assist requests.

  • If you’re eligible to accept Assist trips, you’ll need to complete the Be.Accessible online course. Once you complete your 100th UberX trip, check your email for your invitation to take the course. Soon after, you’ll start receiving Assist trip requests.

  • driver partner invited to Assist drives a vehicle that should be able to accommodate an assistive device, such as a folding wheelchair or collapsible scooter. It’s a good idea to always leave space in your boot, as you never know when you might get an Assist request. If your vehicle cannot safely fit your rider’s assistive device, you can cancel the trip and contact Support to let us know why.

  • When you receive a request, ‘Assist’ will appear at the top of the request screen. You may also receive a notification in the app that reads ‘Rider requests assistance’.

  • Yes, if you no longer wish to receive Assist trips, just let us know.

  • Yes, for all Uber trips. The law requires transport service providers to transport riders who have guide dogs or other assistance animals.

Accessible transport

Our technology has transformed mobility for many people with disabilities, and we’re committed to continuing to develop solutions that support everyone’s ability to easily move around their communities.

Provide feedback

Let us know how we can improve the Uber Assist onboarding or driving experience.