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Regulations in London

Ridesharing bylaw

The City of London has passed a ridesharing bylaw. This means that there are new requirements for new and existing drivers to meet.


Regulatory Requirements

The City of London has passed a new ridesharing bylaw. To meet the requirements of this bylaw and continue driving with Uber, all Uber partners must meet the following requirements.

After your documents are approved and you pass your background screening, we will submit your application to the City of London. It will take up to 1 week for your license application to be approved. We'll send you a text message once you're approved to drive in City of London.

Regulatory Requirements

1. Background screening

If you’re a new driver, you must pass a background screening with 60 days of uploading your other documents.

You’ll need to pass a new screening every year afterwards to keep driving in London.

Visit your nearest Greenlight Hub to complete a background screening. Be sure to bring your Ontario driver’s licence and 1 other piece of ID with you. Within 3 to 5 business days, we will email you the results.

2. Vehicle inspection and Safety Standards Certificate

If you are new to driving in London, you must upload your SSC within 60 days of the vehicle inspection date.

An annual vehicle inspection is required for all partners that drive in the City of London.

3. Private Vehicle for Hire Owner Form (Optional)

When all required steps have been completed, we apply for a licence on your behalf to drive in London. As part of the City’s review process, they verify that the driver is listed on the vehicle registration.

If your name is not listed on the plate portion of the vehicle registration, you do not need to change the registration. You will only need the vehicle owner to complete the Private Vehicle for Hire Owner form.

1. Have the vehicle owner fill out the form

You will need the vehicle owner to fill out the form and confirm their ownership of the vehicle.

Make sure the license plate on the form matches the license plate on your account’s vehicle registration.

2. Upload the completed owner form

Take a picture of the completed owner form and upload it in your app under ‘Account’ and ‘Documents’.

4. Uber stickers

When your vehicle inspection and background screening have been approved, we will mail two Uber stickers to your mailing address.

  1. Place 1 sticker on the inside of the back windshield and the other sticker on the inside of the passenger side front window
  2. The ‘Uber’ side should be visible on the outside of the vehicle
  3. The sticker is removable. You should take the sticker off your window when you are not driving with Uber
  4. Pull the black tab to remove the sticker

Need to replace your sticker? Please see the following options to get your Uber sticker:

Option 1: Pick it up at your local Greenlight Hub

Option 2: Re-order in your app:

  • Go to the ‘Account’ tab
  • Go to ‘Help’ and select ‘Signing Up’
  • Go to ‘Requirements’ and select ‘Uber decal requirements’
  • Click on ‘ORDER UBER DECAL’

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